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    Ben Afleck In Batman vs Superman

    Well how do you feel about the casting so far?

    The movie is heavily skewed towards Superman's character.

    Where is Alfred, Commissioner Gordon?

    How about Catwoman?

    They could recast the Joker now since this is not a Nolan universe movie.
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    Should be "Ben Affleck vs talent" because that's the number one problem with Affleck, his talent isn't acting, it's playing Ben Affleck. This news was basically the death of Warner Bros/DC to me, this is a clear casting decision made on box office draw (chiefly overseas draw, no less) with no thought to the integrity of the project. "Ben Affleck Daredevil" was the character he played, it was Ben Affleck in a red costume, and he said he regretted the superhero costume severely. Henry Cavill's Superman was a poorly-realized character, but it wasn't due to his acting ability, it was due to a flawed script, he committed to what the script and the director asked of him entirely. How is that going to mesh with Ben Affleck Batman? Are they going to have Batman play a character in his 30s with a doofy grin on his face, or are they going to try to make him play an older, harder Batman... with a goofy grin on his face? This just bodes so poorly I want to go back to bed and wake back up and start my day over again without this news (which I got in email first from my own mother, whose email subject was "ben affleck is NOT batman").

    Bottom line, go jump in a lake WB/DC, you've buried your brand under all the wrong choices and it's time for me to walk entirely, I grew up on DC over Marvel, Teen Titans and The Dark Knight Returns and CoIE and on and on, all that, but every choice the last few years has been a massive blunder and now you show your true colors, those of an ineffectual buffoon trying to scrape dollars out of the general audience's wallets with no thought to integrity whatsoever.
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    I'm scratching my head over this. It seems to be bad casting... but, then, whoever thought the goofy security guard from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back could play such a good Batman? I'll withhold judgment (though, truth be told, even Batman probably won't get me to a theater to watch Murderer Superman II: Now With More Angst).
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    The good news is, I can still watch Kevin Conroy bring brilliance to the Batman role on Netflix.
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    But what if Jennifer Gardner plays Catwoman, Matt Damon is Tweedle Dee, and J-Lo is Poison Ivy?

    Uh, not any different?
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    And meanwhile..... everyone at Marvel is doing the happy dance as DC manages to screw up another film.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.


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