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    Going into the finale, this was the first time that I really didn't care who won. Tyson deserved to win, played a great game, but came across as a prick most of the time. I have to fault Monica for failing for making a big move. How many opportunities in the last few eps did she have to shake things up but decided to stay with the status quo? Probst commented that viewers praised her bravery during the reunion show. What? She was definitely a follower, despite what she thinks and says.

    Didn't think Gervase had a chance to win but it was nice to see someone who hadn't played in 13 years make it to the finals.

    Probst spent too much time talking to Colton. Colton shouldn't be invited back to play.

    When Probst teased next season with BBB, I first thought boobs, butts and beer! I'm thinking at least three teams to begin next season.

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