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    Survivor: Blood and Water

    A lot of familiar faces are back. Sept. 18, can't wait!!!

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    Good establishing ep. It's hard to remember some of the returning contestants. But, after 27 seasons, and with 18 - 20 contestants per season, that's over 400 folks who've competed. The figure might be a little higher but I'm averaging in people like Rupert who've played repeated times.

    You'd think, after 13 years, Gervase would learn to swim a little. Noooooooooo. And his little victory rant at the end sealed it for his niece, Marissa.

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    Poor Rupert. If he hadn't rushed and stacked a little better, he might've won. Might.

    Colton's already on my nerves. He needs to go real soon.

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    The Drama Queen is gone, and he was faking it!!!! Now I can enjoy the show.

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    Last week, the Drama Queen. This week, King Brad. Let's face it: Brad had to be knocked off his throne. And he was seriously knocked for a loop when Caleb announced his intentions at tribal, and the air in Brad's balloon was sucked out. Just from the expressions on the other tribe members' faces you could see they were switching their votes.

    Next week will be interesting. If Monica is allowed to replace him at the immunity challenge, and Brad goes to the vets tribe, will the vets be willing to throw a challenge and send Brad back to immunity island?

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    Everytime I see the Redemption arena, I think of the Chuck Norris movie, the Octagon. It took me a while to figure it out, but yep good old CN comes through.

    Interesting that the redemption segment is gonna continue after the merge.

    Some good players are gone. Candace and John played hard. Not gonna miss Brad. Laura B. talked too much. She wanted to be liked and honest and that got her voted off.

    Next week looks good. The poo hits the fan!!!


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