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    p.s. Youngstown St. should be on bye more often: they move up 2 spots to #10 in the FCS poll!
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    Ohio State scored early and often in its shutout of Purdue on the road. Pitt stays relatively close, but still gets beaten up at at Georgia Tech. YSU comes back at the Dakota Dome vs. Univ. of SD in the final minute. And sure, other schools played games, too; or were on bye weeks.
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    Nebraska beats Northwestern 27-24 on a last second hail mary pass. The game started out with the offense playing well and the defense playing terrible. After the first quarter, it was the opposite. While it was a very exciting finish, I don't know if much positive can be taken from this game.

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    YSU moved up to #8 in the poll. They should make a return to the FCS playoffs, I hope.

    Will any of the BCS top-5 teams lose, which are all in different conferences, IIRC? Can't wait for the hybrid "playoffs" next year.
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    Nebraska beat Michigan 17-13. Even though UM isn't very good this year, it was still a good win. It was Brady Hoke's first loss at home and the first time NU has won at Michigan since 1962.

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    Sigh... not all good this weekend. Ohio State does win, scoring 60, but giving up 35. Pitt gives up a late 4th quarter punt return TD against North Carolina, and loses by 7. YSU has a big showdown hosting #1 ND State and is close at the half, but the visitors pulled away in the second.

    FCS has one week left (YSU hosts SD State) before the playoffs, there are two games remaining for OSU (home vs. Indiana & at The Big House, plus perhaps the "BIG 10 or 12 or Maybe 11" title game), and Pitt goes to Syracuse and hosts Miami to end theirs (hoping to be bowl eligible).

    That tipped 4th-down catch in the Auburn/MS State game was outrageous! Stanford losing helps the top 10 teams, too.
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    Nebraska loses to Michigan State 41-28. The score isn't indicitive of how well we played. We coughed up the ball 5 times on our side of the field, giving MSU easy points. If we would've stopped shooting ourselves in the foot, I think we played well enough to win this game.

    Yeah, the Auburn/MS game had a pretty wild ending.

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    Some goods: Pitt holds off Syracuse 17-16, OSU wins 42-14 on Senior Day. But YSU might be on the outside of the FCS playoffs after a bad home loss against SD State. We'll see. Buckeyes get "that team up north" next week, then MSU in the conference title game. On to the BCS title game? Only if there are some losses in the #1 or #2 spots.
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    Nebraska beats Penn State 23-20 in OT. While its nice to get the win, I wish we would play up to our potential and quit making so many stupid mistakes. Iowa is next week and they looked pretty good against Michigan. Yeah, OSU is going to need some help to get to the title game even if they blow out MSU in the BIG10 championship.

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    So, you don't think the rivalry games Florida/Florida St. or the Iron Bowl will lead to upsets? It does look unlikely. Baylor falling flat last night at another OSU helped The OSU.
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