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    OSU is exceeding expectations. I certainly didn't pick them to beat Alabama, but they showed, along with MSU and Wisconson, that the BIG10 is at least on par with the SEC. After last nights game, there is no reason why they couldn't beat Oregon, even as good as they looked against FSU. Bucks vs Ducks.....its gonna be a great title game.

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    Congratulations to the first NCAA football team to win two different bowl games in the same season! Way to go Bucks! Outscored their last three opponents (all versus top-11 ranked teams) 143-55.
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    I loved how the match-up last night would have been the Rose Bowl, the original, big college championship game, under the old system: Pac 12 champ vs. Big 10 champ.

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    Congrats to OSU. They were obviously the better team last night, basically pushing Oregon around all night. Its a great win for not only OSU, but the BIG10 as well, who was told most of the season how terrible a conference it was by the so called experts.


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