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    Nebraska lost to Michigan State 27-22. We looked like we were going to get blown out. It was 27-3 at one point in the fourth, but we came back. We were so close to winning this game. Armstrong threw the ball into the endzone with something like 40 seconds left, and it was caught by the receiver, but he didn't have control of it and it was ruled an incomplete pass. The next play, Armstrong threw an int and the game was over. It was hard to lose that way, but it was nice to see that this team never quits and always have alot of fight in them.

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    An ugly win but the Red River Rivalry is ours!
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    Bye-bye. For both Pitt-OSU. YSU gives up a halftime lead and will probably drop out of the FCS top 10.

    More of the undefeateds keep getting defeated (down to 6, and 2 more will get losses since they play each other).
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    OSU was one of several college football teams to win by scoring 56 points, over Rutgers (that's their 4th straight 50+ game). Pitt held on to beat OSU-beaters VA Tech (sorry, mtriv73) on Thursday night. YSU digs their win vs. So. IL (get it?), and should move up in the polls once again. Lots of scoring this weekend.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Nebraska beat Northwestern 38-17. The game was closer than the score indicated. Only in the fourth quarter did it become a blowout. I was expecting to have to win this game on some kind of miracle since NU always plays us close, but it wasn't necessary this time.

    BTN had a really good documentary about Brook Berringer, a backup QB during the 94 and 95 championship seasons. If you want to know what Nebraska football is all about, watch it.


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