"The Star Wars" issue 1 - this is the comic book adaptation of the first draft of Star Wars, (the shooting script was the 4th generation I think).

I finished issue #1 today, and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the title on my pull list. I found it unfortunately dull as dishwater, it's poorly paced and far too political, it reeks of the prequels and spends too much time with wink-wink stuff like names and armor pieces and the Stardestroyer small fighters. Meanwhile, the characters are wafer-thin, there are far too many of them thrown at the page without justification or explanation and all with far too unclear motivations, and the little Jedi-Bendu actions shown are middling at best. Oh, and our hero whips his kid in the opening panels, but at least said kid dies 2 pages later so he cries.

I'm also quite turned off by the Stardestroyer fighter design having the big Star Destroyer bridge element and also a friggin' hot rod blower, both of which are just cheap and take the reader out of the moment.

And I suspect we'll get payoff to that Princess Leia scene, but in this book it was pointless and a waste of time, it should have been shuttled off to a later issue or left as dialogue because on the page it's just obvious foreshadowing with no other merit.

This proves why that was a FIRST DRAFT and why Lucas threw it all out in later drafts, it's not terribly compelling.