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    3 3/4" Black Series Wave 4: Dagobah Luke, Yoda, Snowtrooper, Toryn, Bastila, Dak

    Earlier rumors were just confirmed at the New York Comic Con preview party - wave 4 consists of Dagobah Luke, Dagobah Yoda, Toryn Farr, Snowspeeder Pilot Wedge, Snowtrooper Commander, and ROTS Darth Vader. Thankfully, almost every figure looks to be made of completely new parts, though Wedge looks like he's based on Snowspeeder Luke, and Toryn might use some Hoth Leia pieces. Aside from Luke's ginormous backpack and the fact that I was hoping for a crispy Anakin over an armored Vader, these all look most impressive. Yoda in particular looks to be a huge step forward from previous releases.

    SirSteve's coverage includes the figures starting on this page. JediTempleArchives and Star Wars Action News posted photos on their Facebook feeds as well.

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    I'm happy about Torryn, and Yoda looks amazing.

    What makes this Snowtrooper a commander?
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I'm happy about Torryn, and Yoda looks amazing.

    What makes this Snowtrooper a commander?
    The 2 red/2blue bars on the chest plate/armour make it a commander.

    Here is a link of a movie still of him next to General Veers

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    What makes this Snowtrooper a commander?
    He's the Snowtrooper in the AT-AT that Veers issues the "Debark for Ground Assault" command.

    The facemask is ridged rather than the vinyl-like ones of the basic troopers.

    His armor also features a few differences. Such as the rank insignia and a different chest area details.

    Plus he had slightly different fore-arm armor and no backpack of course. That's for grunts.

    That above link details one of the Commander costumes differences.

    Though the one in the AT-AT also had some additional pieces on each side of his helmet area. That doesn't appear on the figure. But it could be based on these images of the costume on the regular Hoth set rather than the costume or later refinements they added when filming the AT-AT head scenes.

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    The Commander's shoulderpads are also upside-down compared to the grunts.

    Yoda I think is a 3D output, it looks very good but that'd explain the weirdness of the lines where there shouldn't be any, and how soft some of the features are yet still have cohesion. Hopefully the production model is as good a sculpt (with the rough stuff worked out) and has a good deco.

    Are those vines attached to Luke's holster? Or are they runners or something? That's weird. The figure itself looks very nice, I think I can see trading up to that.

    Toryn Farr, that's impressive and the likeness is good too.
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    The 2003 "Saga" Snowtrooper figure was also a commander, actually. The smooth appearance of the helmet on the new release is better.

    I like that Vader's chain is finally just sculpted to his chest armor. He looks a little lanky, but I'm assuming the pieces will fit together better in production. Now that we have super-articulated versions of his ROTS and ANH looks, we really need an overhaul of the Evolutions set for new ESB and ROTJ figures.

    Luke appears to have straps coming from the holster - presumably he unclips the fastener that holds the blaster in place, though I don't remember offhand. The official Hasbro photography shows interchangeable hands for Force-using and, possibly, handstands. The 2004 OTC Dagobah Luke is still one of the only human figures with swappable body parts, so I'm glad they're updating the idea here.

    And in the official photography, it looks like some of the articulation has been photoshopped away - check out Toryn Farr's elbows. That's weird.
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    The Saga version had the rank insignia. But the other details were not consistent with the Commander.

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    I'm lookin forward to the snowtrooper cmdr and Toryn Farr. I hope the joints on Dagoboah Luke turn out better on the final product

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    Did Hasbro carry these prototypes to the show in their pockets? This is the probably the roughest and most "damaged" the prototypes have looked at one of these shows.

    Some of them look interesting but it will depend on the final product. If the shoddy paint apps that we've seen in wave 1 continue, then I don't see any of these figures turning out that great.
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    I'm mega excited for this wave, and all because of one figure.... finally we are getting an OT Yoda that is potentially better than the 1980s vintage figure! Luke looks amazing as well. The first images of these I saw were the official Hasbro pics on Facebook, and at first I thought they looked so good they must be from the 6" line. Hopefully we'll see more photos of Yoda without his cloak, though I'm guessing it'll just be the VC body again - which would be fine, though I'm hoping to see bj elbows instead of the swivels.

    Does anyone have any idea when these might be coming out? (Whenever it is, it's not soon enough!!)

    Edit: apparently they're not due till next Spring.
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