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The 2003 "Saga" Snowtrooper figure was also a commander, actually. The smooth appearance of the helmet on the new release is better.

I like that Vader's chain is finally just sculpted to his chest armor. He looks a little lanky, but I'm assuming the pieces will fit together better in production. Now that we have super-articulated versions of his ROTS and ANH looks, we really need an overhaul of the Evolutions set for new ESB and ROTJ figures.

Luke appears to have straps coming from the holster - presumably he unclips the fastener that holds the blaster in place, though I don't remember offhand. The official Hasbro photography shows interchangeable hands for Force-using and, possibly, handstands. The 2004 OTC Dagobah Luke is still one of the only human figures with swappable body parts, so I'm glad they're updating the idea here.

And in the official photography, it looks like some of the articulation has been photoshopped away - check out Toryn Farr's elbows. That's weird.
Those must be the thickest straps ever then. They shouldn't have bothered with that element, it's a waste of budget, they're even painting the buckle at the end.

Good eye on Toryn Farr, my guess is her arm articulation got budgeted out. It looks like the new arms won't have elbow articulation anymore, I just hope that extreme bend is not included as well. There's also a little photoshop smear on the inside of the right shoulder, I wonder if that means they're pulling her shoulder articulation as well.

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The Saga version had the rank insignia. But the other details were not consistent with the Commander.
You are mistaken, the Saga version had the rank insignia, the upside-down shoulderpads, the alternate forearm armor, closed-loop boots, and the hip holster, all of which are consistent with the Snowtrooper Commander. The only inconsistency with that figure to the Commander costume is the helmet skirt.

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Did Hasbro carry these prototypes to the show in their pockets? This is the probably the roughest and most "damaged" the prototypes have looked at one of these shows.
They usually mail the figures to shows, I would guess what we're seeing isn't "damage" but much earlier, rougher prototypes than usual.

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I'm mega excited for this wave, and all because of one figure.... finally we are getting an OT Yoda that is potentially better than the 1980s vintage figure! Luke looks amazing as well. The first images of these I saw were the official Hasbro pics on Facebook, and at first I thought they looked so good they must be from the 6" line. Hopefully we'll see more photos of Yoda without his cloak, though I'm guessing it'll just be the VC body again - which would be fine, though I'm hoping to see bj elbows instead of the swivels.

Does anyone have any idea when these might be coming out? (Whenever it is, it's not soon enough!!)

Edit: apparently they're not due till next Spring.
I also thought there was a mixup and Yoda and Luke were 6", especially due to Luke's joints which are largely the same as the 6" line, and Yoda's all-cloth outfit. But I double-checked, the party images show Yoda in the background of Vader pics.

I hope Yoda has an all-new body system with better joints that works better with the cloth outfit.