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    Cool Power Play! NHL 13-14

    No thread yet? And it's already 5 games or so in? 2:00 for delay of game... commenting.

    Pens with Fleury in net? 3-0. Without last year's yank-him-from-the-playoffs netminder? 0-1. And Crosby's hardly produced yet.
    A 4-goal rookie outburst?
    A rookie coach outburst and $10K fine?

    It's on!
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    I joined a fantasy hockey last year in the strike-shortened season, and after two weeks my 2-0 record this year has already DOUBLED last year's win total for the Wampa Rats. Currently ranked the #2 team of 20 in the league. Thanks, 4-0 M-A Fleury, and several other current and former Penguins!
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    And... hockey is STILL being played. Several teams are doing well, some are doing poorly, while others are somewhere in the middle. Cup playoffs are a LOOOOOONG time away.
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    If one could award a Stanley Cup in November, than one could award it to either California team that have an aquatic animal as their mascot. Both look deadly, but things can change from now until June.
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    Penguins leading their division (still not used to the new names yet) and Crosby's tops in points, my fantasy team's climbed back to .500 (6-6), Fleury's still the starter in Pittsburgh. All good (except the health of Pens D-men).
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    Watching the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, MI was enjoyable. They mentioned that the temperature ROSE to 14 at one point; it looked cold (might be the coldest WC game the NHL's had), and I don't believe it ever stopped snowing. I liked the kids in USA Olympic players' jerseys at the end.
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    After today's games, it's the break for the Winter Olympics. Weird how the NHL plays so close to the event; I expected them to have more than a day or so to travel, get settled, and then prepare. [edit] Quick online check: men's hockey begins Wed. of next week, so that's about three days of preparation; plenty, right?
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    NHL is back with one game tonight.

    The last regular-season week of my fantasy hockey league; the Wampa Rats are in 15th place right now, where 14 make the playoffs (it's a big 22 team one).
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    Two "outdoor" games this weekend: one in snow with the Blackbears beating the Steelguins easily (but Fleury's helmet was awesome; gold pads, maybe not so much), the other in a closed football stadium between two Canadian teams.
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    The Bs are sneaking up on the Pens for best record in the East; confusing. I think it's because of the following newspaper preview: :venivecifleury:
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