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    Couple of notes about this season:

    Detroit may not make the playoffs, after 22 straight years of doing so. Weird that it happens in the first year in the Eastern Conference, a conference with not as many powerhouses as the West.

    Colorado is a great young up-and-coming team that might win sooner rather than later, despite their youth. Patrick Roy has been doing a fascinating job.

    Pittsburgh and Boston will meet in the Eastern Conference Finals, unless they don't meet before then. Book it.

    Good to see Ryan Miller play for a decent team in St. Louis after having to put up with crap in Buffalo for so many years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowly Bantha Cleaner View Post
    Pittsburgh and Boston will meet in the Eastern Conference Finals, unless they don't meet before then. Book it.
    Well, they're the two who clinched playoff spots first, although the Pens are limping (some of them literally) into the post season with an injured squad. Today the tangle with the 'Hawks at home, on TV (if the NBC Sports Network doesn't black it out again, saying "You Don't Subscribe To This Channel" ).
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    The remaining playoff slots are going fast: new format has top three in each of the new divisions, plus two others per conference. Metro is the Penguins' now, so therefore the worst they can finish is in 2nd in the East. Out West, you might need 100 points just to get in.
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    Pittsburgh lets in a late goal that forced OT and then SO versus the Red Wings, which the Pens won on some terrific saves by Fleury. Both teams might open the playoffs next week.
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    Rangers/Flyers should be a good 6-7 game series. Hoping King Henrik can carry us through to the next round.
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    Stanley Cup is underway: Penguins come up big late versus the Columbus Cobalt Coats. And a nice 3OT game I didn't stay up to see the end (STL apparently won).
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    Wow, is this the playoffs, or play more (that's 5 games going to OT so far, with two in extra OTs)? Congrats on your first-ever post-season win, Columbus.
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    Great post season so far!
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    While I don't want it to happen, the Boston Bs can play this entire post season against only Original Six teams, if they meet the Rangers in the conf. finals, and Blackhawks in the Cup Final. But with their win today, here's hoping the Pens can close out the Jackets in the OH capital on Monday, to further their own Cup run. I also didn't realize it until the announcers mentioned it: the first four games in the Pitt/Columbus series were all the same score of 4-3.
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    Hoping the Rangers win today, pivotal game 5 at stake!
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