Yes, this is serious and REAL.

JJ Abrams admitted he is a lens flare addict and is in a step-program to moderate his use of lens flares.

No this is not a joke.

His wife is his real-life sponsor and he has admitted that Star Trek: Into the Darkness is probably so much more loved than it would have been if his wife didn't make him take out lens flares from an early (never seen) cut that he originally had made because his wife "couldn't see what was going on."

By now you all have seen Spock fight Khan (or quit complaining about spoilers - the movie was out last summer!).

JJ thought that instead of seeing that, they could shoot the scene and then add a giant lens flare to it so you couldn't tell what was happening. Then Spock would emerge victorious from the lens flare.

This is also true, I've been reading up on this.

So it is my greatest hope that Mrs. Abrams will save Star Wars!

Vader: "Your lens flare is weak Old Man."

Kenobi: "You can't win Darth. If you strike me down, my lens flare will become more powerful than you could possibly achieve with CGI."

Vader: "You should just flare out!"