It's not something that happens everyday. Especially not for major films like Star Wars.

There's been reports over the years of lost footage for Halloween and such turning up.

But a fellow collector recently won an auction for an old RotJ Videodisc from Ebay for $699.

On it was 30 minutes of lost and unused footage from RotJ. Including alternate takes and a blooper reel.

Here's a list of some of the footage discovered on the old Editdroid disc:

Filming of a conversation between Luke and Yoda from Yoda's point of view.

Conversation between Luke and Yoda from Luke's point of view.

A soundless scene of R2-D2 repairing Luke's X-wing.

A scene of Yoda dying.

Lightsaber practice tests.

Luke asking Yoda if Darth Vader is actually his father .

A blooper reel with partial sound.
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And a link to his Facebook where he's been posting the footage: