Not sure if anyone else collects stuff like this, but I just got this statue in the mail last week and I love it! The original human Beast has been my favorite superhero for over 20 years now and I'm excited to finally have a statue of the character at this level of quality.

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If I had any complaints, it would be that the statue itself connects to the base with only one peg and relies on gravity to hold itself in place. So, the connection is a bit looser that I would like, but it just means that I have to pick it up and move it with two hands instead of one. It does limit the ability to pick the statue up and hit someone over the head with it, though. So, it falls a bit short in the "Potential for Use as an Offensive Weapon" category, but if that is not an important selling point for you, then it's not a big deal at all.

Even though the statue was billed as being 12" tall, that's actually a reference to the scale. Since Beast is crouching, the entire statue is really only about 7" tall and they included a metal rod that plugs into the base in order to fulfill the 12 inches requirement. As it is, I think the pose is great. If any character should be crouching down it should be Beast and it just adds some variety for those who plan to collect the whole team.

A basic 360 view of the statue (I knew that blank All-New X-Men #1 variant cover would come in handy someday):
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There is another version of this statue in his brown-&-yellow X-Factor uniform that I might get as well and supposedly they have plans to release it again in his red-&-blue O5 uniform (aka the "graduation" uniform - which is actually my personal favorite); but no word on when (or if) that version will get released. The poses differ slightly in each version, but since this is the original and most iconic of human Beast's costumes (not to mention the one that he is currently wearing in ANXM right now), I wanted to make sure to get it first.

The edition size of the O5 version is 450 (mine is number 244) and the X-Factor Beast has an edition size of only 250. So, I probably should buy the X-Factor Beast soon if I'm going to get it for a decent price.

I don't currently have plan to build the entire team with these (I think Original Iceman is the only version not released yet); but I probably will get at least one more statue, probably Jean Grey and/or Iceman.