Well, consider me inspired. I've decided to write a book. The working title is "Downsizing, There's an App for That: Living in the Digital Age".

The plan is to go 100% digital for 2014 and keep a running diary. So the book will open up with a few chapters on the pros and cons, devices, etc. So, beginning 1 January 2014 I will no longer buy ANY physical media, books, magazines, movies, music, comic books, newspapers, etc. Every time the family uses a service like Hulu Plus, Netlix, iTunes, etc. we will keep a running diary (what shows we watch, how long we spend on these devices and services). What shows will we watch, how often do we really use these services, what will we buy, how much will we spend? This will be an in depth analysis of an average family of four. This will be a 1 year home study running through 2014, and to my knowledge, the first of it's kind.