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    Question SW Illustrated set

    Wha-?!? Huh? When was THIS one announced? It's based on the SW Radio Drama (of ANH, not all 3) from NPR in the 1980s. It looks nice (I saw a couple packs in Target: 12 cards for $4.99 in those Jumbo Pack double-sided wrappers), is only 100 cards in the basic set, and I got two chase cards (One Year Ago subset).
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    I saw these at Target last night for the first time. If the lines weren't so long, I would've bought a pack or two. I didn't see the jumbo packs but will look for them.

    This set was announced earlier this year. I first read about it in the late summer or so, about the same time I started looking for GF 2 cards.

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    Bought three packs today, and the artwork is AMAZING!!! Bright colors. It's a different take on the familiar story, but I really like it.

    There was one card I'm gonna have to investigate further. It's a Vader card and there's a code on the back to unlock a sequence or something. Don't know if it's game-related or what, but I will look into.

    Just glad to see some SW cards at retail for once.

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    I saw some "regular" packs at Target ($2.99 for 6), along with the jumbo 12-packs ($4.99). I ordered a set online, plus one of the insert sets (think it was the Movie Posters one), that I'm still waiting on... until it came in today's mail.
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    I finished reading the set's card backs. Aside from the small font (I don't think it's cheaper to use tiny words, is it?), I'd put this set up there with my all-time faves. It was like reading the radio dramas all over again; if you haven't ever heard/read them, as a SW fan, you need to (they expand upon scenes with more detail, and give more character development and insight).
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    I have extras of this set, if any of ALL OF YOU COLLECTING CARDS out there have some other extras of insert sets (like One Year Ago, The Mission, or etched foils) to trade. Or not.
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