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    Exclamation Finals!

    If they made one last Han, Luke, Leia, Maul, Vader, Chewie, Threepio, Artoo, Obi, Qui-Gon, JarJar and Amidala, what would you like them to be?
    Han-Good poseability, accessories, and being able to be in an action pose and plain pose
    Luke-Jedi resculpt, removable helmet, poncho, lightsaber hilt, etc
    Leia- Good face, size, pose, Bespin fatigues (correct ones)
    Maul- Super poseability, but not like rubber, accessories, etc
    Vader- Lightsaber hilt, poseable fingers (can have a choking position and lightsaber holding position), good size(taller)
    Chewie- Same size as mechanic, tons of tools (toolbox), able to hold bowcaster, blaster, tools, articulated knees
    Threepio- Clean, Better articulation!
    Artoo- lots more tools, wheels, perhaps electronic sound, and really detailed
    Obi-Wan-Super articulated, lightsaber hilt (removable), Jedi robe, good face sculpt, able to hold lightsaber with two hands, LOTS of accessories, soft goods so he can pilot a Bongo if they ever make one
    Qui-Gon- ditto
    Jar Jar- Dead (j/k) poseable, able to hold boomer, accessories galore
    Amidala- White Celebration gown, one plastic version, one cloth, so she can sit, articulated knees, ball of peace
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    ok, here we go.

    1. Ceremonial Han - w/ possibility, weapons, likeness

    2. Luke - Jedi resculpt - Cloth cloak, lightsaber, hilt, gun,

    3. Leia - Bespin - nice job with hair and cloak

    4. Amidala - white with Globe of Peace

    The others do not need anymore resculpts.
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    Thumbs up

    1.- Ceremonial Han with his medal and his gun which can be removed from his holster.

    2.- Luke at the end of ESB, with those white pants and his cyborg hand (this figure will have a little compartment which can be opened revealing the tecnology inside lukes arm/hand).

    3.- Leia at the end of ESB with that different white dress...or is it the same as the ceremonial Leia???
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    I like Lobito's Luke idea a lot. The dress Leia's wearing at the end of ESB always looked like the same one from the beginning of ANH to me. I think we need a new Leia w/ Bespin Robes or whatever, the one from the 2-pack with Han sucks. And this would totally never happen, but what about an R2 with a ton of accessories, one of which being the drink tray from ROTJ? If they were going to redo 3PO I would have to request he come with the Ewok Throne. That's all.


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