2015 - Episode 7 starring Jaina Solo w. her parents Han / Leia and Jedi Master Luke, and cousin Ben, niece Allanah.
This will be the female Jedi lead story of the SW movies, with Jaina possibly being as old as 32, and maybe just prior and or becoming the Empress Jaina Fel.

Jacen Solo (Anakin Solo as well, obviously to those who read NJO books) and Chewbacca will be dead. Harrison Ford has requested a significant storyline for Han Solo to get him to sign his 3 movie contract, with an additional clause to star in Indiana Jones 5.

************************************************** ***********************

2016 - Young Han Solo (Ep. 3.85 ) - an origin story where they will cast SOMEONE YOUNG TO PLAY HAN SOLO age 19 - 23 years old, and maybe even another actor to play him even younger.

This movie will likely feature a new actor playing CHEWBACCA, capable of meeting the demand for action sequences.

We might see Bollux and Blue Max!

Boba Fett (perhaps played by Daniel Logan?)

Emperor Palpatine - by Ian McDiarmid

Darth Vader - by Hayden Christensen

Jabba the Hutt

Bail Organa - by Jimmy Smits

Princess Leia as a 9 year old or slightly older

Lando Calrissian - by a new actor around age 21

Lt. Soontir Fel - Imperial TIE Pilot

Mallatabuk - Chewie's wife (probably before Lumpy is born)

Ithcy - Chewie's dad

Bossk - bounty hunter

Dengar - a little older than Han, I suspect, Swoop Bike Racer

Bria Tharen - Han's girlfriend? Turns Rebel Alliance

Senator Garm Bel Ibis - Corellian in the Imperial Senate (secret Rebel)

Mon Mothma

Captain Antilles - Alderaanian I think

Gallandro - assassin works Corporate Sector contracts

Garris Shrike - trafficker in human children for slaves (and other species' youngsters for slaves)

This story might be closest to following the A.C. Crispin / Brian Daley Han Solo stories.

However, the time Han spent as an Imperial Lt. / Capt. and prior to that at the Academy, was never allowed to be elaborated upon by the Exp. Univ. authors.

I doubt a movie will re-do a book, so this might be Han's rescue of Chewie from Imperial contracted Trandoshan slavers. Then his winning the Millennium Falcon.


************************************************** *******************************

2017 - Episode 8

Likely sarring Ben Skywalker as the lead, while Luke tries to make sure he does NOT follow in Cousin Jaina's footsteps to rebuild a benevolent Empire.

Empress Fel is not going to be a bad girl, just a rogue like her father Han, but with terrible relations with her parents who fought to overthrow Empires.

Jaina will found the Imperial Knights. Basically Royal Guards with lightsabers who do not wear helmets with their armor.

************************************************** ********************************

2018 - a between movie

Vader? Episode 3.25?

Yoda Clone Wars - Episode 2.5?

Boba Fett - Episode 3.5?

************************************************** *******************************

2019 - Episode 9

Starring Ben Skywalker, Jaina Fel, possibly showing Allanah Solo come of age, now most likely in her upper teens like Anakin was shown from age 9 to age 19 in Ep. 1-2.

Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill may still have big parts - Harrison contracted for that. Wouldn't do it if his story arc wasn't great, he's reported to have made sure.

************************************************** *********************************

2020 - between movie

Again, Fett, Vader, Yoda, Jabba, Obi-Wan - all possibilities.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ewan McGreggor is in all of these movies as Obi-Wan - sometimes made to look like old Alec Guiness' ghost for 7,8,9.,

I love Ewan in Star Wars, so I'm fine with that.

************************************************** **********************************

Finale for the time being.

Perhaps a Jaina, Ben, Allanah movie with the new generation cast so that SW can go on into the future?

Note, they are NOT making movies out of any of the EU books, just preserving a continuity that has ready-made product (books, comics, action figures, art, more) that they can continue to profit from.

Jaina Solo is the highest selling Kotobukiya statue of all time, they said at Comic Con 2013.

Her inclusion and major bit of casting E7 is almost imminent.