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    You should've known, Doc......

    Look who's malfunctioning crap is in the news again?

    Hand-held Scrabble game cheats, says frustrated player

    A scientist has discovered his electronic Scrabble game cheats him out of vowels.

    It should deal letters in a completely random way but fails to give enough vowels out.

    The game's manufacturers don't dispute the claim but say they didn't design it that way.

    Retired US geologist Charles Robinove worked out the frequency of vowels his electronic version of the game after he found it difficult to make words from his letters.

    He compared the first seven letters drawn from the hand-held game with those of his PC version, 100 times each, and calculated the frequency of drawing each letter.

    Of the 100 letters used in the game, 42 are vowels - giving him a 42% chance of picking a vowel.

    With seven letters chosen each round he should have got 2.94 vowels per hand. His PC version gave out an average of 2.84 while the Scrabble Express game averaged just 1.36.

    Hasbro says it has since withdrawn the hand-held version of the game but only because of poor sales.

    Mark Morris, director of public relations for Hasbro Games, said: "Anybody who plays Scrabble has one common lament and that's getting lousy tiles."

    Nelson points and says: "Hya~hya!"

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    Scrabble is evil, EVIL!

    This is one of the odder things I've ever heard...sure is.
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    _ w_nt t_ p_st _ r_ply b_t _ c_n't g_t _ny v_w_ls

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    Joining the vowel movement...

    I'd like to buy a vowel, Pat...

    OK... I BLOG. YOU READ. at
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    I w_nt t_ p_st _ r_ply b_t I c_n't g_t _ny v_w_ls

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    L*NG L*V* TH* L*TT*R "S"!!!!!

    (j st th ght 'd thr w th t n th r ...)

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    That sucks! Hasbro's handheld electronic Yahtzee is the same way sometimes, but the scrabble thing seems way worse. They should really look at the programming before they release this stuff. I bet Hasbro did this on purpose to "make it more challenging" or some rot.
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    AND HOW MUCH DID THE TAX PAYERS PAY FOR HIM TO DO THIS RESEARCH?!?!?!?!? I mean really, how much time does this guy have on his hands??
    "We'll I got nothin to do right now, sooooo, lets figure out why my handheld Scrabble won't let me win and charge them 250,000 for it!"

    Usless research really bugs me
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    Thats why I never buy video games based on board games.

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    Um! Rollo said "S"! I'm gonna tell!
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