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    Hasbro and HasbroToyShop together make the largest exhibitor space on the floor, Hasbro has more display footage than DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Warner Bros, or Sideshow - they want to make the Hasbro booth a destination for collectors, and they have a lot of brands that appeal to conventioneers to make sure they have that appeal. People who don't know GI Joe from Action Man still know Hasbro's name 4 days of the year, and that's not by accident. Moving Magic the Gathering out of the booth would be contrary to that plan. Mattel's sales booth is miserable, but has NOTHING on Hasbro. Hasbro needs a better system, they need to generate the hype that they are currently getting without screwing over the collectors who actually want the product. But the point of the show is to make it a special destination, so exclusives are a big part of that.

    I can't speak to the "line creep" situation, the last few years I've gotten lucky, but it seems like getting line tickets should be a raffle at this point, as there is simply too much demand from fans and resellers alike. The whole system is out of whack and needs to be rebuilt.

    There's nothing kid-friendly about Comic-Con for the most part, and it's probably better that Hasbro not bother with kid-friendly product for exclusives because then there'd just be even more disappointment. Then again, the first thing to sell out at the booth was the Transformers Angry Birds shirt for $25, so maybe there is kid interest.

    Jabba was $70 with tax, so he'd have retailed for $63, the regular figure goes for $40, so it doesn't seem outrageous that the special packaging and extra pieces might bump that up another $20. The Transformers sets though, $173 and $200 for $60 of repainted figures and special packaging, that's unbelievable. Then the Kreons set is only $65 for 30 Kreons, that's a bargain by comparison. The MLP stuff wasn't too crazy either, but the Marvel stuff was all over the map in value, not as much as TF of course.

    The problem with selling cases of new product at HTS, which they have done before, is that HTS is supposed to be run as a stand-alone business and they've deemed doing business with Hasbro's SW lines not terribly safe, hence the canceled Jocasta Nu exclusive at C5. Selling a pair of 6" Stormtroopers means they have to divert the figures that would have gone to retailers into HTS, it's a very good idea for fans who can make it to the show but not as much for Hasbro or HTS. Also, keep in mind that they have a very small on-site storage area, they are constantly getting more product in and out during the show, every hour is another delivery to the booth, it's nuts.

    You have some interesting ideas, no doubt. I'm afraid Comic-Con has poisoned everything big now though - this year, I didn't even try for big panels, and it was way more rewarding after last year's 4 hour wait only to get stalled at the Hall H doors. It's demand, people want badly to go and can't, then they want exclusives, it's a downward spiral.
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    I attended the Talkback panel for the first time ever and it was surprisingly easy to get in and not packed at all.

    A major area of concern was the Hall H wristband system. Arguably it's making the line creep even worse and making people feel they need to sacrifice an entire day just to get wristbands for Hall H for the next day.

    Supposedly you cannot line up for the next day until that days panels are completed but some chose to squat down and form unofficial lines.
    It's just a huge mess and frankly next year might even be worse in that regard.

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    Talkback panel has never been hard to sit in, but I've never successfully gotten there early enough to get to the mic. Did you get a comment out there?

    I still don't understand the Hall H wristband system, I read the blurb in the quick guide and didn't get it at all. I'd rather just go to the playback room and sacrifice the footage than deal with that mess. Or just not go to those big panels at all.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Hall H is a thing of the past for me. I was at home for Saturday's big panels there and followed coverage online. I even saw the footage from Batman v Superman a few hours later. The entire Marvel panels (minus the footage) were readily available that evening. I'm not going to waste anymore of time (and for the prior three years, I'd waited the entire Saturday from about 6AM) standing, sitting, languishing in line for those Hollywood panels.

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    I can understand waiting a few hours for a Hall H panel.

    But an entire day, and multiple days in some cases, at a Con that costs an arm and a leg? Nope. Those movies will be in theaters soon enough.
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    JT, I left the Talkback panel at around 4:20 for a final stroll around the exhibit hall but apparently Mr. Rogers took comments until 5:30.

    If I could have brought up an issue, it would have been that 4.5 hour gap between midnight after Preview night and 4:30 am Thursday when the hotel shuttles aren't running at all. Those of us relying on the shuttle for transportation were at a disadvantage during those 4.5 hours if we wanted to line up super early for anything.


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