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    Toys R Us exclusive Battle on Endor multipack - nothing but repacks!

    YodasNews posted photos of a new 3 3/4" multipack, the first such item in The Black Series line here it is boxed, and here it is loose. The contents appear to be:

    *AT-ST Kmart exclusive Scout Walker AT-ST, The Vintage Collection, 2012
    *Stormtrooper The Vintage Collection, 2011 (first variant with bulbous eyes)
    *AT-AT Driver Kmart exclusive Endor AT-ST Crew, The Vintage Collection, 2012 (unclear which one it is)
    *Imperial Officer Kmart exclusive Death Star Scanning Crew, The Vintage Collection, 2013
    *Tippett TRU exclusive Ewok Pack, Movie Heroes, 2012
    *Flitchee TRU exclusive Ewok Pack, Movie Heroes, 2012
    *Chewbacca Walmart exclusive Early Bird Mail-away Kit, 2005
    *Han Solo Assault on the Shield Generator battle pack, The Legacy Collection, 2008
    *Princess Leia Organa Endor Gear, Vintage Saga Collection, 2006 (without poncho or helmet)

    The packaging is quite lovely, but otherwise: who is the audience for this set? Not kids, since Hasbro is focusing Saga Legends and Mission Series for them. Not longtime collectors, since they already have everything here. Not even recent collectors, since everything here has been released within the past two to three years (aside from the three heroes). Hasbro could have sculpted new heads for the Imperials or even repainted the Ewoks and AT-ST and it would entice many more buyers. How strange.
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    The set overall looks ok, but man does that Han Solo suck bad, and why include ONE driver?!? Also, ANH Chewbacca instead of ROTJ, I swear it's like someone is trying to hit us in the heads with a ball-peen hammer.
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    Rebelscum says that TRU UK has two other sets listed. The Battle on Endor set retails for 99.99 ($168 USD), with Cantina Showdown for 39.99 ($67 USD) and Jabba's Rancor Pit for 129.99 ($220 USD). I'm sure the actual prices will be different in the US.

    I don't want to get my hopes too far up given the poor Endor choices, but could the Cantina Showdown finally be a way to release the distillery? The set is only 40% of the price of the Endor set, so it'll presumably have far fewer elements, but it is theoretically possible to have some newness there. Or it could just be recycling the 2002-2007 bar pieces. Figure-wise I'd have to assume that Obi-Wan (TLC), Evazan (TVC), and the elusive Ponda Baba (TVC) will be here, unless they're talking about the showdown between Han and Greedo, which could bring us another table and maybe even some chairs. There are a couple easy repaints or retools they could do – even just rename the Hrchek Kal Fas figure to Sai'torr Kal Fas and I'm already happy, and since they're reusing figures from recent exclusive sets, a blue Snaggletooth based on the new sculpt is a definite possibility.

    The Rancor Pit is fairly self-explanatory, but why would it cost so much money? Based on everything that happens in the pit, they could re-release the Rancor, Luke, Oola, a Gamorrean Guard, Malakili, Giran, and then what else could there even be? Or is this just another case similar to last year's TVC Republic Gunship with pre-existing elements sold together for too much cash?
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    The Cantina set doesn't necessarily have to have a lot fewer figures than the Endor one. There's no AT-ST, which I'm sure is a big chunk of the price.

    Not sure about the Rancor. Not only is the Rancor not much bigger than the AT-ST (and includes fewer parts, IIRC), but there are very few figures you could even put in there.
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    I saw the Battle on Endor set last night at TRU for $99.99. Everything in there is exactly as I described earlier. The AT-ST Driver is the Marquand sculpt. Leia even has the too-long neck that was designed to be hidden behind a poncho, and Han's eyes were painted to the right of where they should be.

    The box lists the figures' names on the left side, and for some reason it lists the Ewoks as Chubbray and Stemzee. Those were the Ewoks released last year in Kmart's Ewok Assault Catapult set and clearly aren't the ones included here. It would have made the most sense to release Widdle and Wunka from 2012's Kmart two-pack since they're here with Chewie and the proper AT-ST (as seemed to be the original plan for Kmart before the pieces were broken into smaller sets). The back of the box even shows an image of Chewie popping out of the AT-ST and the text describes the same scene, so this set is definitely meant to represent the hijacking.

    As for the other sets mentioned earlier, we now know that the Cantina Showdown is the horrible 6" set of Han and Greedo, but still no mention of the Rancor Pit at SDCC. Maybe they'll show it at NYCC or Toy Fair.
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    I also saw the Battle of Endor set last night at TRU, but it was priced $89.99.

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    99.99 here in northwest ohio. Box is nice but a waste of space. Way to overpriced for what it is.

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    Any die-hard star wars fan could have put together a better ROTJ set for $99.
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