As always, Hasbro will be at conventions and events this year, and at some of them we're hoping to get one-on-one interview time. We interviewed them at Toy Fair in February, and next up is San Diego Comic Con, July 23-27; it's not guaranteed that we'll get any interview time, so unused questions will be saved for future events.

Voting is not needed as the questions will be chosen on an editorial basis, but feel free to voice support or suggest changes to existing questions.

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  1. 6" Darth Maul shipped in the first wave with loose joints and a gummy, easily-warped lightsaber accessory. What are the chances of this being rectified in a future release? What about Boba Fett's hip boxes which make his legs almost unposeable, might you address that in a future release? Will we see any figures from the black-and-orange box waves re-released in the black-and-blue boxes?
  2. The Toys R Us exclusive Battle on Endor set includes an AT-ST and several figures that have been released before, most of them in just the past two or three years. Were there any plans to modify or update any of the items, since most collectors already have them? If it's not for collectors, then why is it part of The Black Series? Wouldn't it be better to include at least some newness for longtime fans?
  3. Now that the Disney Store is carrying Star Wars items including Hasbro vehicles and Black Series figures, are there any plans for you to release any exclusives there? Are there possibilities for their own division producing items compatible with your lines, similar to their Starspeeder and Build-A-Droid pieces from the parks?
  4. At Toy Fair, it was mentioned that the updated 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper would be released in the same numbers as the original incorrect one. So far, the new version has only been seen internationally and in limited numbers. Since it isn't planned to ship with the next few waves, will it still make its way to the States, or at least in greater numbers? What about as a re-release on the black-and-blue TIE Pilot card?
  5. It's been said that you were asked to release fewer figures from the prequels, The Clone Wars, and Expanded Universe as Lucasfilm shifts its focus to the new entertainment. What's their actual stance here? Will we still be seeing at least some figures from these sources, or is it unlikely?
  6. In the 6" Black Series, most of the figures have double-jointed knees, but why do only the troopers get double-jointed elbows? Is it about aesthetics, cost, or something else entirely?
  7. The new Dagobah training Luke features double-jointed elbows. Is that something we're likely to see on other figures, or a one-time-only feature?
  8. Walgreens is getting into the exclusive action figure game, with prototype Boba Fett in addition to a few non-Star Wars figures. What's the story behind this new and unexpected partnership? Were you looking for new exclusive retailers, or did they ask you to create a product for them?
  9. Amazon released three collector-focused exclusives last year – the Slave I, TIE Interceptor, and Droid Factory set. They all ended up on clearance, but were they successful enough to warrant new items from Amazon later this year or next? What about Brian's Toys and another exclusive figure like Jocasta Nu?
  10. Celebration VI was the only Celebration not to have an exclusive – will Celebration Anaheim return to form?
  11. For years, Hasbro has had a monopoly on 3 3/4" Star Wars figures, but now that you've made the jump over to the 6" scale it seems that you have some competition from Japanese companies that are also licensed to produce 6" Star Wars figures, like Bandai and Play Arts Kai. Sure, those toys will primarily be available in Japan; but with the internet that's not really much of an obstacle for consumers anymore. So, what's changed? Is it a result of the Disney purchase? Why do there suddenly seem to be so many companies that are licensed to produced Star Wars figures?
  12. The new Jabba's Skiff Guard figure is causing some confusion. For years, fans assumed that the black-suited character that Chewie throws down Jabba's stairs was the skiff guard later seen wearing the same helmet and a white jumpsuit, and that they were both Sgt. Doallyn. Last year, Leland Chee revealed that the character in Jabba's palace was Doallyn, who survives in the expanded universe, and the skiff guard was a separate character named Brock Starsher, who dies in the skiff battle in the movie. Early solicitations for this new figure called him Sgt. Doallyn, yet the card gives him the generic Jabba's Skiff Guard name. It seems out of place, since all other skiff guards have been called out by name or at least species. So is the generic name a response to his Doallyn/Starsher shift, or is Lucasfilm changing its tune again, or was the name chosen to appeal to a wider buying audience, or what? On that note, while we got the similar-looking Bane Malar figure in 2008, will we be seeing the black-suited Doallyn at some point?
  13. Four Saga Legends figures – Jedi Luke, Darth Maul, Clone Wars Obi-Wan, and Snowtrooper – were only released internationally so far. Are they still planned for release in the US? If so, will they be on the lava Vader card or the new Rebels-inspired card?
  14. The Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy line has bypassed the 3 3/4" scale entirely and opted for a 2" line of two-packs, simple unpainted accessories, and small vehicles. Similar figures were released for Transformers a few years ago and for Episode I in 1999. Is this direction something you might be trying again for Star Wars in the future?
  15. Funko and Super7 have started selling retro-styled figures on retro packaging for several different movie properties. If these figures sell well, would that be enough for you to consider producing a similar subline for Star Wars? Or are Saga Legends and Mission Series sort of scratching that particular itch?
  16. We've seen several clone trooper updates using the super-articulated Vintage Collection body, including most of the ranks from Attack of the Clones. Will we still be seeing the red captain and yellow commander using this body, or is it unlikely with the new media taking the spotlight?
  17. It seems that the paint applications have gotten sloppy lately. Is this due to a new factory, or lowered costs, or something? Are there plans to tighten them back to their previous standards?