As always, Hasbro will be at conventions and events this year, and at some of them we're hoping to get one-on-one interview time. We interviewed Derryl DePriest and Jeff Labovitz at Toy Fair in February, and then we spoke to Bill Rawley and Jeff Labovitz at San Diego Comic Con in July, and finally we talked with Joe Ninivaggi at New York Comic Con in October. It's not guaranteed that we'll get any interview time, so unused questions will be saved for future events.

Voting is not needed as the questions will be chosen on an editorial basis, but feel free to voice support or suggest changes to existing questions.

Also, please keep in mind that we'll be asking these in person, so keep questions respectful and reasonable.

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  1. The Toys R Us exclusive Reveal the Rebels set includes a holographic Obi-Wan figure that's hidden from the front of the package. It seems like this was to play off the secret of Kanan and Ezra being Jedi, but might we see more of this in the future?
  2. Apart from A New Hope, every new Star Wars movie premiere and media launch has been preceded several weeks by the release of new action figures and other toys. With Rebels, the show premiered this weekend and yet only a few Hasbro products have been found, like role-play weapons and some Command packs, with some of the vehicles and holographic Obi-Wan set popping up at Toys R Us. Why haven't the basic figures shown up yet? Was it an intentional choice to build up demand? Are the previous Saga Legends and Mission Series figures preventing the new stuff from getting out there? Was the production of the show too fast to catch up with figures?
  3. The Black Series 3 3/4" Episode III Darth Vader is an absolutely gorgeous figure, but his head loves to pop off constantly. Will this be altered when he's repacked onto the new black-and-blue TIE Pilot card?
  4. Also, there are notches in Vader's shoulder armor that make it seem like you explored alternate ways to connect his cape before going with the peg under the helmet, is that the case?
  5. You released a Yavin Ceremony Han in 2011, but he didn't have the formal buttoned-up shirt or the long sleeves as seen in that sequence. Now that The Black Series 3 3/4" has updated Yavin Ceremony Luke, Leia, and even Chewie, can a more accurate Han be far behind?
  6. Since most Clone Trooper figures have removable helmets, it was surprising to see that the upcoming 3 3/4" figures and the 6" figure do not. What was the reason behind this choice?
  7. There's a 6" Clone Trooper Sergeant on the way. Will we be seeing the Clone Trooper figure with alternate helmets too, like the Episode II pilot or the Episode III helmet?
  8. The 6" Stormtrooper has the back peg hole for the Sandtrooper's pack. Might we see more accessories to utilize this, such as the Spacetrooper with the back oxygen pack from the Death Star?
  9. The 6" Anakin includes an alternate grimacing Sith head that, for some reason, seems to sit higher on the neck than the regular Jedi head. Was that intentional? If he's repacked, will it be altered?
  10. The 6" Han Solo in Hoth gear includes the blue coat. Will we be seeing a brown coat version as well?
  11. The Biker Scout figures in both scales of The Black Series have aggressively tight packaging around their visors, which in many cases leads to the plastic being warped out of shape. Why was this choice made? Is there any way that this warping can be avoided in the future?
  12. The new 6" wave consists of Yoda, the Clone Trooper Sergeant, and the TIE Fighter Pilot. The carry-forward is Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has unfortunately been a slow seller, similar to most of the non-armored humans. Why was this figure chosen? Is there any chance he will be replaced in the wave by a more popular repack?
  13. Going back to The Black Series' first wave – some fans feel that the 6" R2-D2 is under scaled. Did the mold experience some shrinking or do you feel that he's the correct size?
  14. Will we be seeing the 6" R2-D2 sculpt repainted as other astromech droids, or are the features too specific to the character?
  15. Originally, the 6" Chewbacca was going to be released in the orange-and-black box as figure #13 before it was moved to the redesigned blue-and-black box. Some Anakin and Clone Trooper figures from the same wave accidentally made it out in the #13 Chewbacca box, indicating that the production on this was at least somewhat far along. Do you know if any Chewies actually made it out in this box? If so, were any pulled from the cases, or did the switch happen earlier?
  16. The Vintage Collection ran as the basic figure packaging from 2010 to 2012 and had a handful of exclusive vehicles and sets in 2013. We know it's not likely to return as the basic figure packaging any time soon, but will we be seeing anything in this line look in the near future?
  17. Kmart has had great collector-focused exclusives for the last few years, but hasn't had any exclusives at all lately. Will they be added back to the exclusives program soon?