So, I am currently working on building another PC, this time for my daughter. I have about 1/2 the hardware I need so far, I still need to buy a motherboard, processor and memory.

I'm feeling pretty good about this build, I found a nice Cooler Master case today for $35 on Newegg ($50 minus $15 mail-in rebate). I had the rest of the hardware laying around and decided to put it all to good use, including an old GTX 560 Ti graphics card.

I've forgotten how much I enjoy building these things. My last build was summer 2011.

A couple of months ago my sister asked me to build her a system, she was going to buy the parts from Newegg and ship them to my house, then once the build was done I was going to ship it to her. Sadly she never did buy the hardware.

Anyway, I've been wanting to do a Haswell build and settled on a Core i5-4670.