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    The Force Awakens products to hit September 4

    The release date had been rumored for a little while, but we heard it on the Toy Fair floor today (whether or not we were supposed to): Friday, September 4!

    Yep, 6.5 months from now, and 3.5 months before the movie. That's a full 15 weeks between the time you can buy the figures and the time you can actually see the movie they're from. That's a whopping 105 days between merchandise and media.

    This puts the release date right on track for stores' back-to-school resets. This means plenty of time for items to ship for the holidays . . . and plenty of time for the products to spoil the movie. I'm betting not everything will be revealed through merchandise, similar to how Yoda and the Ewoks were kept a secret, but there's no way that LFL can control all of it.

    For reference, previous films' releases weren't nearly so early, but I suppose the December release date changes things:

    TPM products: May 3
    TPM film: May 19

    AOTC products: April 23
    AOTC film: May 16

    ROTS products: April 2
    ROTS film: May 19

    TCW products: July 26
    TCW film: August 15
    TCW series: October 3
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    Three words: Midnight Madness, please.

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    Midnight madness would be great, but I'd be happy just to see some sort of product on the shelves.

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    I suspect it'll be a soft release rather than a blitz like usual.
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