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there's an idea that's been floating around in the back of my minds since about 1986 and that's the idea of a "minimalist" Star Wars collection. Basically, can I boil down my entire Star Wars collection to just one action figure? Not one character or one action figure focus, but just one solitary action figure that represents everything that I love about Star Wars. I think I will make a serious attempt to work towards that goal in 2014. My current collection only consists of 11 action figures, so most of them (maybe even all of them) would have to go. It's a idea that seems almost incomprehensible right now, but it's one that I haven't been able to shake in almost 28 years. So, even though I still plan to buy 1 or 2 figures in 2014, it will also be a year of some very painful and deep cuts in my Star Wars collection.
Even the idea of only having 11 figures is incomprehensible to me let alone reducing Star Wars down to one figure. (but Willrow Hood, c'mon, its a clear choice )

I'm having a bit of a think myself though - I'm probably never going to have my dioramas (if I could even call them that) back up and even if I could I'm not sure that I should lest I risk throwing myself into them at the expense of other things I should be prioritising. So conceivably I could reduce my collection to having only so much as I need to represent the characters and vehicles on a one-of-each basis - as opposed to the multiples of characters and multiples of certain vehicles that I have at the moment.

An easy one is to get rid of my prequel toys which are taking up space in the attic. I wouldn't miss them at all. The OT stuff would be more of a challenge to cull. ''But I like that green A-wing, but I have a particular nostalgia attached to that outdated Boussh Leia figure'' etc etc.