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    Ah, Juggs, you might have the body of a Playboy centerfold but you have the intellect of a five-year-old. Your lazy ways caught up with you.

    Interesting tribal council. The one faction had a chance to vote out Tony, but Kass stayed with her new group. If she flipped back to her old group and voted with them, then Kass would've had a bigger target on her back. She's safe for another week. That's the game.

    Spencer, putting the hidden immunity clue in your pants that you leave lying on the ground? C'mon, guy!

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    Sorry OC, been slacking but finally caught up.

    Forgot to mention that Kass is my pick in a draft I'm far so good, she's not a main target yet even though she's quite the flip flopper. Hated to see the eye candy of Morgan go, especially when Tony could have got his torch snuffed instead.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Fun episode tonight, loved Spencer's reaction at the end.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    It was a good one. Tony is one paranoid dude. Working it way too hard. The lies will catch up with him.

    Next week looks good with Woo (Wooo!!) falling.

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    The Land of Paranoia has a new king, and his name is Tony! Boy, he better watch it. It's gonna catch up to him...I hope.

    Love Woo. The 'injury' was played up good in the previews. He's like a monkey. Falls and bounces back immediately. And you have to love Woo's mannerisms and facial expressions.

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    Don't really love how much power that idol seems to carry with it....hopefully they try to vote him out next week so he has to use it.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    At the reunion show, I really hope Probst spends some quality time talking to Kass to see just what the heck she's thinking. If I were a betting man, I'd bet last night's ep would've been the one she flipped sides and tried to get rid of Trish or Tony. But nooooo.

    I liked Tasha, but she was a threat. She could've easily won the entire thing if she were still in the game.

    Tony's paranoia is getting the best of him.

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    Pretty good episode this week, glad to see that Spencer won immunity and is around another week. If he makes the final 3 he should win, IMO.

    Tony is destined to fall I hope!
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    If she makes it to the final 3, Kass might have lost a few votes when she flipped Trish the finger.

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    Poor gullible Woo. Traits like integrity and character mean something in his world, but not in Survivor. For a minute, I thought with how hostile the jury was toward Tony I thought Woo had a chance. I think the poor boy was in shock during the reunion show.

    Not satisified that Tony won. He played a great game, but dangit, he was so arrogant about it and that turned me off. Spencers's little speech during the final tribal really helped Tony's case, IMO.

    Kass said something interesting and oh-so true. If she were a man and played the game as she had, she'd be described as cut-throat, etc... But since she's a woman and played the type of game she did, she's perceived as a witch.

    Notice during the final vote the camera shot down Juggs' dress? I did. I don't think Morgan learned a single thing on the show. She's gonna spend her entire life as a dimwit.

    First time in several years (at least three or four) that there were two contestants at the end, not three. Interesting twist. Also liked the different format of the final show, with the cuts to the live audience and studio during the commerical breaks.

    Blood and Water 2. That's gonna be good. Have to wonder if it's gonna be all new players or returning.


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