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    Survivor: Cagayan

    Here's the first look at the cast. All new folks, no returning contestants, which is refreshing.

    Starts airing Feb. 26. I can't wait.

    Interesting note: fourth season in a row to film in the Philippines.

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    Wow, what a way to start off the season! A double-blindside!

    Granted, David didn't need the money. It was more of a challenge for him. And Garrett? IMO, I think he had a different idea of the game from watching it at home and then being there in person.

    With all due respects, if it weren't for the blindsides, J'Tia should've been voted out. She lost two challenges for the tribe. Pouring out the rice alone would be enough for eviction in my book.

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    Really liked Woo's attitude during the bad weather in last night's ep. That's what Survivor is all about, dude.

    And, Jefra, if it were a true hurricane/typhoon, the contestants and the production crew wouldn't be camped out on the coast. It was a bad storm.

    Wow, splitting the vote three ways worked. I would've been bummed if Juggs, I mean Jordan, was voted off. Nice eye candy.

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    Hey OC!

    Pretty good season so far...glad there's not redemption island and all new characters. Don't like the bald cop much, hopefully he's not long for the game...the eye candy is pretty good so far.

    I like that one dude who found a hidden idol, LJ. He seems pretty smart.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Glad they went back to the basics: no celebs, returning players, no redemption.

    I don't like the bald cop, either. I could see him getting blindsided soon.

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    J'tia said it best herself: she'd been living on borrowed time since the rice incident. Glad she's gone.

    The immunity challenge was designed for Cliff. Shooting hoops.


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