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Thread: 2014 Rumor List

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    Good to see that the SL Stormtrooper is getting a rerelease in the Mission Series line.

    I thought that there was a rumor of a TIE Fighter Pilot for the 6" line.
    There was, and there still could be. I have to assume there will be more than two new waves of 6" figures in 2014.
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    Between the Jedi News and the previously leaked Hasbro Customer Service thing, I'm thinking the next few waves are going to go something like this. All personal speculation, of course.

    Wave 4 (like all the other rumors suggest):
    Chewie (ANH)
    Anakin (ROTS)
    Clonetrooper (AOTC)
    Obi-Wan (repack)

    Wave 5:
    Darth Vader (ROTJ - although the previous leaked list said EP 5)
    Luke (ROTJ)
    Sandtrooper (second pauldron color)*
    Chewbacca (repack)

    Wave 6:
    Darth Vader (repack)
    TIE Pilot
    C-3PO (ESB)
    [Blank spot]

    Wave 7:
    C-3PO (repack)
    Sandtrooper (third pauldron color)*
    [Blank spot]

    *- There were multiple Sandtrooper listings.

    I'm not all that happy with the character selection, but it's not terrible. I'm hoping the Sandtroopers vary more than just being repainted pauldrons since at least the next one isn't using the same number as the Orange one, according to Jedi News' sheet. I'd like to see the White pauldron come with the security hover droid and a stand for it, and the folding stock E-11 that apparently the Stormtrooper isn't coming with now. Then the Black pauldron could come with a Dewback prod/lance and this rifle.
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    Anyone hear about a new sculpted Lobot (Lando's Aide) in 2014? 2004 was the last version and before that was 1997. He needs to be redone. Since Hasbro seems to be on an Empire Strikes Back kick. Also the mustached Bespin Guard needs to be done in the black series or Saga Legend 5POA line. People's thoughts. Thanks.

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    I think having a mini-wave, of similar characters or scenes would work: think Lobot, Bespin Lando, Bespin Leia, Wing Guard. Or various Hoth outfits. Those would do well in the 6" line, I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I think having a mini-wave, of similar characters or scenes would work: think Lobot, Bespin Lando, Bespin Leia, Wing Guard. Or various Hoth outfits. Those would do well in the 6" line, I think.
    I was referring to Lobot in 3.75" scale not 6 inch but we need some other characters before Lobot in the 6" inch line. 2014 sounds like it will be one of the better years for Star Wars action figures in a long time. 2015 should be good too!

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    Bantha Skull and JediTempleArchives have released new rumors, which include these figures:

    Anakin Skywalker (The Clone Wars)
    Commander Thorn
    Mosep Binneed
    Princess Leia Organa (Yavin Ceremony)
    Yavin Medal Bearer
    Dutch Vander (Y-wing Pilot)
    Darth Vader (Yoda's Test)
    Princess Leia Organa (Boussh Disguise)
    Chewbacca (Boussh's Prisoner)

    Their lists also include figures revealed or shown at Toy Fair:

    Captain Rex (Phase I; originally planned for 2013 Legacy Collection)
    Commander Wolffe
    Commander Doom
    Luke Skywalker (Wampa Attack)
    R5-G19 (Home One)

    Along with these repacks, which have been previously rumored:

    Imperial Navy Commander (TVC; may or may not be gray-suited repaint)
    Darth Malgus (TVC)
    Starkiller (TVC)

    It's unclear if Anakin will actually be from TCW, as the rumors also say he might be a ROTJ spirit, but I'd be happy with a version in the outfit he wears in Seasons Three through Six. Commander Thorn is the red-armored shock trooper who carries "the hammer," inspired by Thor, and defends the banks on Scipio in Season Six. Doom is the second Marvel reference clone, in the green-and-yellow Dr. Doom armor seen in the Order 66 arc in Season Six. I'm glad to see a good selection of TCW figures, even if it is mostly clones. (As I'll keep saying, I'm waiting on spider-Maul, Pong Krell, Bo-Katan, Mandalorian Obi-Wan, etc. . . .)

    ANH and ROTJ are well represented here. It'll be great to finally get Mosep, one of the two cantina Nimbanels. Yavin Leia would be very welcome as the two 1998 figures look incredibly outdated. I don't really think we need another Dutch Vander and I'd rather have the other few unmade pilots first, but the 2004 version is giant and doesn't fit in with the other pilots, so whatever. No word on where C-3PO will be from. The 2006 Boussh Leia isn't bad, but she doesn't have modern articulation. The 2006 prisoner Chewie was just a kitbashed figure and the only other version was the short one from 1998 so a new one could be cool.
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    Mosep! Yay!

    Everything else, meh. Yet another dream Vader? And "Medal Bearer" is released before Cliegg Lars? C'mon.

    And please tell me "Commander Doom" is a joke. I know you're not going to, but I really hope you will. Because that makes Waru look not stupid by comparison.
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    JediTempleArchives updated again based on a post from "Stan," the guy on the Rebelscum forums who claims to have ties to the factory. He's often wrong and occasionally right, but JTA seems to think that this is indeed the real deal. I have a hard time believing that Hasbro will reveal ALL these figures at SDCC, and he claims they'll be spread out before Episode VII's release, but here's the list:

    Power Droid
    Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead)
    Imperial Gunner
    Han Solo (Hoth Outfit)
    Lando Calrissian
    Bespin Security Guard
    Shasa Tiel (Jabba's Palace Ishi Tib)
    Vedain (Nikto Skiff Guard Driver)
    Han Solo (In Carbonite)
    Saelt-Marae (Yak Face)

    I'd assume that Hoth Han would at least have the soft goods from the Search for Luke Skywalker pack, and hopefully the hood-up head since that's how he looked when riding the Tauntaun. Maybe the Bespin Security Guard will be a mustachioed version, and maybe the Power Droid will be a vintage update. Even without those two, that's at least three unmade characters, which isn't a great ratio but it's better than nothing.
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    If this rumor list is true, THERE ARE SOME FIGURES I WILL ACTUALLY GET EXCITED ABOUT and do somersaults over!

    Tzizvvit - YES!!! I love new cantina characters and there are more to be made!

    Power Droid - it's possible

    Bespin Security Guard - yes, the mustached guy! The mustache is an important accessory our Cloud City Wing Guards have been lacking.

    Shasa Tiel (Jabba's Palace Ishi Tib) - YES!!! She is way overdue!

    I could buy a very small number of multiples of the two Cantina and Jabba's aliens, and maybe a couple Bespin Guards.

    If Mosep is also coming out, I could purchase a few of him, too.

    I'm still down for 3 Torryn Farrs and a few Brock Starshers (Sgt Doayllyn).

    If they want to re-release figures (and Darth Malgus is an EU being re-released) then Malek and Revan are good candidates.

    6" really needs a Snowtroooper!
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    Barada is the only name on the list that generates any real excitement for me. Look forward to seeing what they do with the figure; but if he turns out to be just a repaint or retool of Kithaba, then I might have to pass.

    Vedain might be cool, but Vizam was always my favorite Nikto and I'm a bit burned out on that species right now.
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