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    The Black Series 3 3/4" now a Walmart exclusive

    After all the rumors and speculation, Walmart was announced as the new exclusive home to The Black Series 3 3/4" figures. You can read their exclusive press releases here, which detail the new Walmart figures at the bottom.

    Figures announced so far include five from the original trilogy:
    *Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction)
    *Darth Vader
    *Princess Leia Organa (Yavin Ceremony)
    *Han Solo (Endor)

    And five from The Force Awakens:
    *Rey (Jakku)
    *Finn (Jakku)
    *Poe Dameron
    *Kylo Ren
    *First Order Stormtrooper

    They also promise more figures coming later in the year.

    It's a bummer that this line clearly performed poorly enough to be shunted off to exclusive status. But Walmart's recent exclusives have been easy to find—in the case of the 3D TPM wave, too easy to find—and they'll also all be available online.

    It's also a little troubling that the three figures from the first wave are all repacks, so the collectors who are being targeted with this line probably already have these figures. Luke, Vader, and Chewie make up the first wave and are already hitting stores, and available online as well.

    Luke is the 2012 Lightsaber Construction figure from The Vintage Collection's Blu-ray wave. He is also currently available in the TRU exclusive Jabba's Rancor Pit set. This release still gives him the incorrect robe, when he should have a sleeveless cloak. The accessory count given in the press release is incorrect, so I'm guessing it's also incorrect for the other figures.

    Vader is the same sculpt from the 2005 500th Figure release, which has seen multiple releases since then. It's the one with the "happy" codpiece, swivel elbows, and removable dome—which was glued down on subsequent repacks and may be the case here.

    Chewie is the 2004 VOTC figure, which has seen a few re-releases and multiple new heads in the past 11 years. The most recent reuse of this body is in the currently-available Black Series release, where he's growling.

    I get that they want to use main characters to draw people in, but good lord, using two decade-plus-old sculpts of characters that are currently available as well as a third figure that's also currently available was not a wise decision. Given the product description, I'm guessing Han is the 2011 Endor trench coat version again, which itself was kitbashed from a few previous releases.

    At least Yavin Leia is finally making its way out one way or another, and it will be nice to have the TFA heroes in super-articulated style. Hopefully we get some more interesting secondary characters here as well, but seeing as how we're already seeing the same characters across the 5POA and 6" TBS lines, I'm not counting on it.
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    Walmart exclusives are always the most difficult to get for me. There aren't too many Walmarts in the Los Angeles area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    It's a bummer that this line clearly performed poorly enough to be shunted off to exclusive status.
    Though not especially surprising. If you offer stores the chance to sell basic figures at $5 each in 2-packs, large figures at $20 each, and articulated figures at $13, the stores (who still seem totally unable to hire purchasers who care whatsoever about what they're purchasing) are going to go for what they see as the two cheaper options. Doesn't matter that some collectors refuse to buy 5-POA figures, and some are selective about larger figures or don't want to start collecting yet another scale.
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    I saw the Luke, Vader and Chewie figures yesterday at a store in Dalton, GA and had absolutely no desire to buy any of them. I see these figures suffering the same fate as the 3-D figures. I have seen 3-D figures at Wal-Marts as recently as 2 months ago still at full price. This was before they began to clearance everything to get ready for TFA merchandise. I don't see many adults buying $13.00 figures for their kids when the same characters can be had for under $7.00.

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    Bantha Skull dug up a list of the figures found on Walmart's website, which include:

    •Ep IV Han Solo
    •Kylo Ren
    •Villain Trooper Commander (probably Phasma)
    •Secondary Hero Fighter (maybe Asty?)
    •Sidekick Battler Blue
    •Poe Dameron
    •Finn (Jakku)
    •First Order Stormtrooper
    •Rey (Jakku)
    •Star Wars E7 Asst (???)
    •Ceremonial Leia

    Taking out the confirmed figures, that leaves:
    •Ep IV Han Solo
    •Villain Trooper Commander (probably Phasma)
    •Secondary Hero Fighter (maybe Asty?)
    •Sidekick Battler Blue
    •Star Wars E7 Asst (???)

    And Han Solo is probably just the ROTJ one mentioned in the press release.

    Sidekick Battler Blue may be PZ-4CO, a blue protocol droid seen in Moving Target and an upcoming basic figure wave.

    If nothing else, they provide links to the individual figures' pages on Walmart's website.
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    Unless the movie sucks, I'm going to want me a Phasma. Unless the movie lives up to the hype, she'll probably be all I want.
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    Bleak. One more nail in the Hasbro coffin. This is spectacularly terrible management.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    I never thought I'd say this, but I long for the distribution of 10-15 years ago.
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    I'm up for all of these except repacks, but after opening the Disney diecast 6" figures, I kind of hope Disney gets into 3_3/4" as well. The star tours ship from a few years ago was good. They're keeping me interested with all the astromechs, and the quality of everything has been far above what is coming out of Hasbro factories.

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    Personally, I'm pretty happy with the standard, 5POA, 3.75" line as it is. As long as that line keeps going strong then I will continue to collect it. I don't really need, nor do I have much interest in an overpriced, super-articulated line. That doesn't mean I won't cherry pick figures from that line that I think look cool, but I won't put a lot of effort into collecting it.
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