Jedi News posted a rumor list for several lines. It includes figures that have already been revealed and looks to be from an official Hasbro document. I've put the newly listed items in bold.

The Black Series 3.75" Range

#20 Ep3 Darth Vader (Star Destroyer)
#21 Ep5 Luke Jedi Training (Dagobah)
#22 Ep5 Yoda Yedi Training (Dagobah)
#23 Ep5 Toryn Farr (Hoth)
#24 Ep5 Snowtrooper Commander (Hoth)
#25 Ep5 Wedge (Snowtrooper) (new head/helmet)
R5 Droid
Ep6 Sgt. Doallyn
Ep6 Ree Yees
Ep5 Hoth Luke "Wampa Attack" (new head)
Ep5 Hoth Han Solo's "Search For Luke"
Ep5 Darth Vader "Yoda's Test" (new head)

The Black Series 6" Range

#09 Ep4 Stormtrooper
#10 Ep3 Obi-Wan Kenobi
#11 Ep5 Luke Bespin
#12 Ep3 Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)
#13 Ep4 Chewbacca
EpII Clone Trooper
Ep6 Darth Vader
Ep6 Luke Jedi

Saga Legends

15 Ep1 Darth Maul
16 Ep5 Snowtrooper (Hoth)

Mission Series Figures

01 Zeb & Stromtrooper
02 Rebels C-3PO & R2-D2

03 EpV Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker (Bespin) Refresh
04 EpII Yoda & Darth Sidious (Refresh)
05 EpV Boba Fett & Stormtrooper

Sgt. Doallyn would be awesome, but I'd prefer Brock Starsher first (the white-suited guy from the skiff battle with the same helmet) since Bane Malar scratches many of the Doallyn itches. But updates to Hoth Luke and Han to include alternate heads from their recent figures would be great Luke needs the scarf, and Han needs to have his hood up when riding the Tauntaun.

The next 6" figures sound great as well, with two potentially huge figures coming via Vader and Chewie.

Hopefully the Mission Series Boba and Stormtrooper is just a repack of the Saga Legends figures since those are proving difficult to find (for now, anyway).