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    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Every piece of info about this show makes me less and less interested.

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    "If Artoo is the family dog," said Dave Filoni, executive producer of the show, "Chopper is the cat."
    Oh, so he's cooler and smarter than Artoo? Seriously, why try to make him sound better at Artoo's expense?

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    Why does he look so small? Why would somebody make pocket sized astromech droids?

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    Looks cool to me and gives me a bit of new hope for the show. This is definitely a character I would have loved as a kid.

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    I think he looks like fun. I like that the orange in his dome matches the later Rebel flightsuits, much like the show's official logo. It's my understanding that he was cobbled together from multiple other droids, which as a concept I find really, really cool. For some reason, he really just feels like he fits in Star Wars, I guess.

    His designation C1-10P was obviously created for its visual similarity to "CHOP," which is kinda cute. Pablo Hidalgo mentioned that other brands make Astromechs in addition to Industrial Automaton, so perhaps he's the cobbled-together PC and R2 is the Mac?

    Though I realized that Chopper being named so similarly to Poochie might invite an easy comparison for folks who don't care for him . . .

    Hidalgo also confirmed (in a Tweet to me) that, despite what the article says, the show takes place five years prior to ANH – I was just briefly wondering if the 19-year gap between ROTS and ANH was truncated by the story group or something.

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    He reminds me of the toys from the Droids cartoon.

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    so Luke and Leia will be 14 -same age as Padme in TPM.

    Han will be 24.


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    Let's be honest: if this show touches Luke, it goes immediately down the toilet. It's pretty clear that Luke had no contact with the Empire or Rebellion prior to ANH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Let's be honest: if this show touches Luke, it goes immediately down the toilet. It's pretty clear that Luke had no contact with the Empire or Rebellion prior to ANH.
    Luke knew of "the Rebellion against the Empire," of course, but I doubt he had any direct personal contact with them. The film doesn't say that he never met anyone from the Rebellion, and he got rather surprised and excited when C-3PO mentioned it, but I bet they'll still steer clear of him.

    Obviously, Leia is a different story. The Chopper reveal artwork compared him to R2-D2, seeming to indicate that Artoo will be in the show. Of course he was working for Captain Antilles and the Organa royal family at the end of ROTS and the start of ANH, and I wonder if they're incorporating anything from Star Tours or Droids into the new canon, or if he wandered off now and then. But anyway, with Bail as an important member of the Alliance not that there's an Alliance yet, mind you it makes it more likely that the Organas will show up in this series. Maybe it won't be until the various rebel factions throughout the galaxy meet up, but I assume it will happen at some point.

    Han could go either way of course he wasn't sympathetic to the Rebels, so maybe they could run into him as he's on a smuggling run or something. This show could answer why Chewbacca ended up first mate on the Falcon after seemingly being in a position of power on Kashyyyk, though having him show up again after TCW might be stretching credulity.
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