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    I finished watching Season 6 and have much to say about it, but first I will read what others have posted.

    In a nutshell though, I was greatly impressed by season 6 and thoroughly enjoyed it!
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    It's not surprising, but Season Six is now available on other digital platforms, according to The Clone Wars Facebook page:
    We're excited to announce that The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions are now available on the following platforms:

    Apple iTunes (US & Canada)
    Google (US & Canada)
    Microsoft (US & Canada)
    Sony (US & Canada)
    Also, I wanted to point out that my assumption that Palpatine ordered the clones using Sifo-Dyas' name was incorrect. According to a few Filoni interviews, Sifo-Dyas did indeed order the clones at the urging of his friend Dooku, and the murder evidently took place some time later.
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    And yet, no "physical" format for TCW: TLM, A.K.A. DVD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    And yet, no "physical" format for TCW: TLM, A.K.A. DVD.
    But makes perfect sense under the circumstances. I'd expect a DVD/Blu-ray release to eventually follow, once the digital platforms get their full due.
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    The final Yoda arc was some of the teams best work. The only problem is it didn't bring me closure, only more anger that the series was cancelled. There was so much good done in this series (much better than the prequels themselves) that its a shame were won't get to see the visions of the teams full potential.

    If Star Wars Rebels is half as good as the Clone Wars series. They will have done a good job.
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