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    Black Seas Baraccuda

    How big is it? I know it's one of the two largest pirate ships. I'm just wondering if I actually have room for it. I'm thinking I really need to get my pirates a ride. And a pirate ship would serve two purposes, obviously being a pirate ship in a pirate setup but i was thinking it might also work as a themed floating restaurant in my town.

    So does anyone know the dimensions roughly? Pwetty pwease...

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    I'm assuming you mean the Black Seas Barracuda. LEGO n00b!

    It's about this long *stretches arms out* and this tall *stretches 'em again*. Does that help any?

    I have no clue. You could always go on eBay and ask one of the sellers of the set what the dimensions are. If you don't have an eBay account just let me know if you want me to ask one of the sellers.
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    At least I got one of the letters doubled up. And you knew what i meant. so ner

    I found this while searching ebay. A 100% knock off version.

    compare with the original

    There's a few differences in build and some non lego copy parts but so much is replicated, even down to using the same paint tampo stamping. Y'know I might just get the cheap knock off version and save a bundle.

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    But the parrot is YELLOW!!!

    Man, that is so weird, I've never seen a LEGO set copied like that before. Ironic that it's a pirate set.
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    they've also duplicated the armada flagship with a few build changes and copied the Chinese Junk from the Orient adventure sub theme. There's a couple of other sets from pirates duplicated but not ships. one is the shipwreck island the other is a small set I haven't identified yet.

    but yes it's odd they've been so out and out bold replicating so closely. At least it's old sets though. and not packaged as Lego. my BF just bought me the 'black pearl' so i shall be able to let you know within a month how this thing fares against Lego quality.

    have to say the aircraft carrier set from BRICK has some great deck pieces. though i'm sure it's probably a megabloks knock off. the communist chinese military minifigs are pretty cool and I bet they'd go great with the nazis and russians from the indiana jones sets.

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    I've actually got two older pirate ships in my LEGO collection (maybe 25-30 sets at most...NOT including Star Wars). One is the Carribean Cruiser (or is it cutter) and the other one I can't remember the name for the life of me. It's got just one main mast and the sail is tan with crossed cannons. It also has a smaller sail connected to the main mast that moves almost like it's a rudder.

    I remember the Black Seas Barracuda when I was a kid and that was always one of the sets that I really wanted (a few others were the Launch and Load Seaport and the Model Team Monster Big Rig).
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    black seas barracuda was the ship they should have released as a legend instead of the red beard runner. wait, maybe they did. don't have my old lego catalogues to hand to check. red beard runner is pants. compared to the 'cuda anyway.

    caribbean clipper has blue and white stripey sails. Imperial flagship would be other. probably. soldiers rather than pirates crewing both?

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    Ok the Barracuda is about 23" (58 cm) long, 19" (48 cm) tall and around 10" (25 cm) wide.

    The Barracuda is my personal favorite Lego set of all time. It's the best of the pirate ships and one of the great sets of all time. Lego did re-issue it in '02. But it's not 100% the same as the '89 version. The piece count is different and I've heard there were some part difference. A quick scan of Peeron didn't net any major.

    It's correct that the ships Slicker are describing are the Caribbean Clipper, the blue soldier's ship, and the Imperial Flagship, the red soldier's ship. I like the Imperial Flagship better of the two (but I also the Imperial Guards better too). Both are much better than the Armada Flagship.
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    Yes. The other is the Imperial Flagship.

    I think the one major difference that people had with the re-issue of the Barracuda was that the cannons didn't fire like back in the day.
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    My older brother is a Lego nut as I've mentioned a few times. This is his ship excessive cannon deployment? I count 69.


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