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You can tell Disney is pulling strings on Star Wars, they are being cited in press releases and interviews and so forth, they are making top-level calls, they are making investments and changing marketing strategies. Disney has more strings on that puppet than they do on Marvel, and how could they not? Lucasfilm was dead in the water, they had nothing coming down except more cartoons; Marvel had comics and movies and video games and cartoons to show that their management was taking that brand somewhere, of course Disney would leave them to their own successes. But the Marvel and Lucasfilm press since their respective buyouts has been very different, Lucasfilm press has had a lot of Disney management voices quoted in it, and not many of those decisions feel like they're independent places that the company was going without the buyout.
Yeah, Marvel definitely had much more going for it when Disney bought them than any of the Lucasfilm franchises. In 2009, just before the Disney buyout, Marvel's Avengers movie franchise was already in full swing and starting to gain some serious momentum. I think if Disney had waited until after Avengers came out to buy Marvel, they would have likely had to pay much more than $4 billion for the company.

As for Disney cancelling Clone Wars, I seem to recall hearing that Clone Wars was on its last leg and about to be cancelled even before the Disney announcement.

Of course, there was also the news of Disney shutting down Lucasarts; but I think that was more about trimming the fat and eliminating a branch of the company that was no longer producing valuable content. When I heard that Lucasarts was dead, that's when I actually started to feel really optimistic about the Disney buyout.