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    You can tell Disney is pulling strings on Star Wars, they are being cited in press releases and interviews and so forth, they are making top-level calls, they are making investments and changing marketing strategies. Disney has more strings on that puppet than they do on Marvel, and how could they not? Lucasfilm was dead in the water, they had nothing coming down except more cartoons; Marvel had comics and movies and video games and cartoons to show that their management was taking that brand somewhere, of course Disney would leave them to their own successes. But the Marvel and Lucasfilm press since their respective buyouts has been very different, Lucasfilm press has had a lot of Disney management voices quoted in it, and not many of those decisions feel like they're independent places that the company was going without the buyout.
    Yeah, Marvel definitely had much more going for it when Disney bought them than any of the Lucasfilm franchises. In 2009, just before the Disney buyout, Marvel's Avengers movie franchise was already in full swing and starting to gain some serious momentum. I think if Disney had waited until after Avengers came out to buy Marvel, they would have likely had to pay much more than $4 billion for the company.

    As for Disney cancelling Clone Wars, I seem to recall hearing that Clone Wars was on its last leg and about to be cancelled even before the Disney announcement.

    Of course, there was also the news of Disney shutting down Lucasarts; but I think that was more about trimming the fat and eliminating a branch of the company that was no longer producing valuable content. When I heard that Lucasarts was dead, that's when I actually started to feel really optimistic about the Disney buyout.

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    I'm hoping for a sideshow Darth Plagueis... not sure whether he's technically EU as he was mentioned in ROTS.

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    Welcome to SSG, ShoulderOfOrion! You make an interesting point. How many of the following would be considered "EU" characters?
    - Quinlon Vos
    - Tank
    - Windy
    - Camie
    - Tyree
    - Janson

    They've been "expanded" in novels, even with their mentions in the films. And what about Clone Wars references?
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.

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    I would say that if a character originated onscreen in one of the movies, then that character isn't EU. If they originated from an EU source and where just included in the movie later on, then they are still EU.

    If the character was mentioned onscreen in name only, then they aren't EU technically, but any visual design of that character could be considered EU. For instance, Disney could decide that they don't want Darth Plagueis to be an alien and they reestablish him as another human Sith Lord. That would violate nothing in terms of film canon.

    Movie characters that had speaking roles in the film, but ended up being cut out of the movies completely, are kind of difficult to categorize and whether or not they are EU would probably depend on the individual fan.

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    Padme's family had speaking roles in AOTC, but they were cut.

    They appeared in ROTS at the funeral, but had no speaking lines.

    I can see this as being a problem only if we ever return to the CommTech chips, as Gasgano never talked

    Meanwhile, let's keep Darth Plageuis a Muun. The design is cool (wish I had time to track down the figure) and it makes sense in terms of Count Dooku being able to win the alliance of San Hill and the Muunlist IG Banking Clan who brought us the cool IG-80 series droids - eventually IG-88 and explains why he is so tall and cone-headed, as droids look like their makers (explaining C-3PO's humanoid look) and the EU design of the Collicoid aliens who build the destroyer droids.

    Aayla Secura was an EU character that originated in the comics and Lucas liked, so he put in the movies. Twice as Order 66 was a big scene for her, and she fought at Geonosis.

    Quilan Vos was a background dude in Mos Espa who Jan Duursema turned into an undercover Jedi - and friend of Obi-Wan's - maybe even since Obi-Wan knew Quin was on Tatooine, he decided so quickly to tell Qui-Gon he recommended the Queens's ship land there?
    Then Quinlan got mentioned in ROTS, though on-screen, his TPM appearance did not see him get addressed by name.

    But why ret-con anything that has proven popular?

    Then there's Cliegg Lars who had a major speaking role in the movie and still no figure! Zutton, though a fun design, had no speaking role in ANH - and Tzzzvvzzzt was in ANH, cantina scene, had no speaking line, and looks cooler than Zutton.

    I think Hasbro should stick with market research and honor some more fan requests, even if they turn out like Brian's Toys exclusives such as Jocasta Nu (who I proudly bought duplicates of) - and Disney should not interfere in past-popular EU.

    I suspect this might only really come down to this however:

    Jaina Solo / Ben Skywalker / Allanah Solo (?)

    These characters might or might not (hopefully WILL MOST DEFINITELY!) be included in the ST.

    What they look like is still to be determined by casting AND costuming.

    There is a very good chance that Jesse Plemmons is going to play Ben Skywalker. Even if that is true, we don't know what he'll look like. Perhaps he'll have long hair? A beard? He might not look like Todd from Breaking Bad, just because he's the same actor.

    And instead of wearing Jedi clothes like an OR Jedi, or like Luke in the NJO look, Ben Skywalker might be really into Gungan fashion and crave the latest wet-wear look coming out of Naboo for the spring season. Yup. And to honor Chewbacca, he might wear a bandolier as well as symbolize his appreciation of Lobot by shaving his head and wearing a dual-ear-piece iPod for strategic marketing placement. - or what was I thinking? The Mickey Mouse ears of course!

    In other words, this might be a moratorium on EU figures, not a permanent ban.

    I still want Zayne Carrick, Nomi Sunrider, Anakin Solo, Tahiri, Mandalorian Warriors of different eras (TOTJ, KOTOR, etc). Riff Tamsen (CW), Droma (NJO) etc.
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