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    Who has Chopper and how did you get him?

    I have never seen Chopper in the stores or for a decent price online.

    I'd like only 1 figure, I think.

    But I'm not paying more than $10 for him (and that includes shipping).
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    I have everything from the Rebels style so far... except for Chopper. They should have packed him into more than one wave of single-carded figures—they re-released Kanan, Ezra, the Inquisitor, and the Stormtrooper, and Chopper would have been a great repack as well.

    I have to think that they'll either repack him or make a new version for season two in the fall. They'd be crazy not to, but then again, they're not always known for their sane decisions. If Force Friday has a Rebels component to it—and I have to think it will, at least in some small way—I bet we'll see Chopper then.

    The only other item in Rebels packaging I don't have is the Saga Legends TCW Jedi Temple Guard. I only saw him for sale from a Celebration vendor who wanted $25. In retrospect, I probably should have paid that much, since that wave hasn't really shipped to stores since then.
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    I took my dog in the store and yelled, "Get to the choppah!"
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    - the Jedi Temple guard in the store in both target and Toys R Us. so I'm very interested in more clone war figures, that wasn't one of the figures I was interested in. but it looked really nice.

    I take the collector label because I buy tons of Star Wars figures, but I'm really aspiring to be a diorama builder and don't collect everything. so I don't call myself a collector, in spite of having more figures then some collectors.
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    The release date for Rebels products was also a BOGO50% sale for Star Wars so I hit as many local stores as I could, and my second TRU there was a single Chopper figure on pegs, his "hole" eye on his left was produced off-center but I made sure to buy him anyway and there haven't been any since. That was the only one I've seen in person.

    There isn't a good substitute for this figure, so I dunno what you'd want to do there.
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    I saw one in a store once, but since he was of such a small size, I figured (pun always intended) he'd be a pegwarmer for the price. Wrong!
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    The only time I've seen Chopper has been at a comic/collectibles store. I nearly grabbed it (it wasn't a bad markup) but I don't know if I really want the line. Since Rebels is now entering the 6" Black Series with Ahsoka, I'm thinking about just waiting for his hopefully probable release. Although it feels like a miracle they got the whole team out in Mission Series form.

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    Picked mine up at TRU at Christmas. If it weren't for a friend doing poor man's layaway for me, I wouldn't have him.


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