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    Star Wars Rebels is here, so WHERE ARE THE TOYS, HASBRO?!?

    I must give Hasbro some restraint for not flooding us with product that gluts shelves the way they have so often in the past. Kudos for not making us suffer through a month of packing shelves and then a year of not having that product sell through.

    But now the show is here and I wanna buy some damned toys! LEGO has had toys out forever. Jakks and their giant, inexpensive figures has done a bang-up job getting Rebels products on shelves just before the series launch. Hasbro... well, if you like little green army men, they did that. If you want the Inquisitor's lightsaber, they at least succeeded there. If you want a mask of Ezra's stolen Imperial helmet, they have you covered. But action figures, their bread and butter? Not really.

    So far, in my travels I've seen the following:

    - Ezra, Kanan, holographic Obi-Wan boxed set, TRU-exclusive, $20 for 2 $6 figures and a holographic figure with 1 joint worth even less.

    - TIE Prototype, just one, yesterday, this vehicle hasn't appeared on the show yet.

    THAT'S IT!!! This stuff isn't even on Amazon or HasbroToyShop. Come on, Hasbro, it's time to push the line out the door. I'm willing to buy Saga Legends, Mission Series, and the other 2 vehicles, let's go.
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    They're taking the "wait a year" approach. Because that worked so well for both Transformers: Prime and G.I.Joe: Renegades, as well as Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy, for that matter.
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    I wonder if Hasbro just dropped the ball or maybe they thought that holding off on the Rebels figures would encourage people to buy those Command sets that seem to be piling up everywhere (I was intrigued by them at first, but I just can't bring myself to buy any of them).

    Amazon is saying that the figures will be available on October 23rd, almost three weeks after the premiere. Did Hasbro just not have enough time to get the toys ready? Rebels was first announced back in May of 2013, 17 months ago, but I'm sure it had been in the works for a few months before that. So, even taking into account the 12-18 month lead time for action figures, there really seems to be no excuse for Hasbro not having at least some toys on the store shelves in time for the series premiere.

    Remember the explosion of Clone Wars merchandise that hit stores almost a month before Clone Wars premiered in 2008? I spent a couple hundred dollars on TCW toys before I realized that I didn't really like the show that much.
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    No one wants toys like action figures anymore. Just phone apps and coffee. Ur, caf. And pogs; definitely pogs.
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    I asked them about this at the preview party last night and I'll have their answer up within the next few days. They didn't give too many details but the wait wasn't intentional.

    I did at least find the Reveal the Rebels Mission Series set at the Times Square TRU right before the party, so that's better than nothing.
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    I don't mind waiting a bit to get Rebels figures. I don't see the line being as expansive as Clone Wars so at least my purchases will be spread out over periods of times.

    And a bit off topic but I don't think Hasbro can be faulted with their handling of the GOTG lines. Sure, the case pack out and distribution for the 6" figures is the same as always - subpar BUT at least they managed to provide the entire Guardians team. That was not done with Avengers 6" and only this year did we get a 6" Black Widow. Also, 3.75" figures probably would have been preferable to that 2 inch line but previous Marvel Cinematic 3.75" have not sold well at all and that was with well known properties like Iron Man and Captain America.

    Given the previous track record of the 6" Drax and 3.75" Starlord/Drax/Rocket that warmed pegs forever, there was no reason for Hasbro to see GOTG as a viable property especially when previous attempts at Marvel Cinematic lines were lackluster.

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    Hasbro's answer about why we don't have plentiful Rebels product is what I feared: they kept it on the existing planograms for Galaxy and it bit them in the backside because stores simply aren't moving that product and are flaming out on it. The fact that Hasbro didn't make a big push at the local level though, that's a real shame because it shows no interest in moving it forward, Hasbro basically sees it as a secondary side project. Yet Rebels is good and shouldn't be treated as less than Clone Wars.
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    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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