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    Black Series 3 3/4" Toy Fair reveals

    Anyone discussing the new figures at Toyfair? Ree 'pinhead' Yees and Sgt. 'pinhead' Doallyn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devo View Post
    Anyone discussing the new figures at Toyfair? Ree 'pinhead' Yees and Sgt. 'pinhead' Doallyn?
    I haven't yet started a thread for them since we don't have confirmation on which wave they'll be in, though here is the news article for the Hasbro Toy Fair photos. Yeah, their heads do look a little small. It also looks like Ree-Yees doesn't have ankles (no big loss) and I can't tell if Brock Starsher (that's the skiff guard "Doallyn"'s new name; Sgt. Doallyn is now just the guy who gets thrown down the stairs by Chewie) has them or not. Hopefully they'll look more natural when they hit shelves.

    I'm also not sure if they're just re-releasing the Bespin dinner Vader instead of releasing the ROTS Vader, since Bespin Vader was in the showroom and in the press release photos. I doubt it, but I'm sure it's possible.
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    They need to make a Cruisemissile Troopers Vader, enjoying an omelet in the proper French style. He could come with a record player accessory, and they could bring back the CommTech to capture his laughter.
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    Or, just a Gummi Cruisemissile Trooper, like those little corner-of-the-cardback pack-ins for the first Saga series. I'd want mine in blue.
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    I split this off into its own topic.

    Brock Starsher, really? That's the worst Star Wars name ever. That is painful to my eyes.

    Anyway, a rename was necessary since the guy thrown down the stairs was clearly (as you can see in my video) not Doallyn and was sporting some of Bane Malar's outfit. What a mess.

    That figure's head is really small compared to his torso, what a mess.

    Ree Yees is also pretty small in the cranium, what the heck? It's like a little kid wearing his dad's suit jacket. And I actually both like and use the ankle articulation, more than the knee articulation even.

    The new-helmet/new-face Luke Hoth is a step in the right direction but I dunno if I'll bother at this point, I still dislike the hips and shoulders on that figure.

    Finally getting ol' Stand By Ion Control, huh? This is the expected reaction, I suppose. "Toryn Farr, I've always wanted her, there she is... yup, there she is. Ok then."

    Is that a new Wedge Hoth? The likeness is hard to pin down in the photos, but I am glad to have him if so.

    Snowtrooper Commander looks good, but not terribly challenging either.

    Yoda Dagobah looks good, but I hate the painted hair, hope this gets fixed before production.

    Not feeling the new packaging at all, looks downright bad.
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    I'm liking Doalyn and Ree-Yees in spite of having small heads. Also looking forward to the Snow Commander and Torynn Farr as well. I'm not too sure about Dago Luke and Yoda. I want to actually see those before I make up my mind. I don't really care much for the new packaging either. Its no upgrade from TBS thats for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    This is the expected reaction, I suppose. "Toryn Farr, I've always wanted her, there she is... yup, there she is. Ok then."
    I'm just glad that we're not going to see her show up in any more wishlists more than I'm glad that she'll finally have an action figure. Now watch her pegwarm on an epic scale and everyone turn against her and claim that they never really wanted a figure of her in the first place. It will be Yarna dal Gargan all over again.

    I'm surprisingly aloof about Ree-Yees and Doallyn/Starsher. Not really excited about either one and the small heads mean that I most likely will pass on both of them.

    The Snowtrooper Commander looks really tempting; but it depends on how the final product turns out. If he doesn't have a Jangohead under his helmet, then he might warrant a purchase from me.


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