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    How Do You Feel About Collecting in 2014?

    I am buying the least amount of product for almost any time, coming out of 2013 where I bought nearly nothing.

    I still track down older toys I want duplicates of or something on eBay / Amazon now.

    General Grievous from SSC and the Amazon Hasbro Slave-One are several recent highlights for me.

    I've barely had interest in The Black Series. I want more never-made-before-characters and new vehicles.

    I don't plan to buy Rebels but I'll purchase their vehicles.

    I also collect Transformers and there's been a product here or there that I find interesting. Voyager 3-changer Springer stands out with Blitzwing as satisfying purchases. The new movie product has a lot of misses for a (somewhat) respectable amount of hits. I'll wait and see how it goes in person. The boxy Prime is a no-go this time around. How could they do that to Optimus?

    On the Terminator front, I got one Kyle Reese figure from NECA (spelling?) I wish there was more product coming. In 1/6 scale as well.

    For Star Trek, I got Spock with the Horta last year. I like the figure diorama line (well, have the regular versions of Kirk and Khan so I didn't buy that set). I'm not interested in television TNG really, so I have to wait and see if they make other dioramas I'm interested in. I think there is finally going to be a Defiant ship in the size I want. And I'm considering those highly articulated (and muscled) Kirk and Spock 2009-2013 figures (of Chris and Zach) though they're "SSC expensive" but by this Japanese company. I really would like to see the line include some aliens though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    I am buying the least amount of product for almost any time, coming out of 2013 where I bought nearly nothing.
    Welcome to the club. I haven't bought much of anything collector wise in some time now. The only real collector's item I have purchased of recent was the 20th Anniversary Power Rangers Legacy DVD set. Kind of pricey at a $650 lump sum purchase, but figured why not. The set is limited to only 2000 copies. Not counting the included four 12”x18” lithograph posters, a 100 page booklet, six DVDs of bonus content, the ten collector power coin DVD wallet/tins, and the collector Red Ranger helmet bust/DVD shelf; broken down the cost of the set averages about $32.50 per season (not bad considering a single season is between 22 to 60 half-hour episodes). I also had a little extra incentive to purchase the set that I normally wouldn't have. Brian Ward (of Shout! Factory) showed up in several of the Power Ranger message boards that I visit asking for help in making the set what it is. My contributions weren't big enough to get specific mention in the DVD set's credits by name, but I did get to BS & submit ideas on a regular basis with Ward via his Twitter (still am BSing with him on a regular basis). I also added a few of my ideas (mainly Disney's older bonus stuff) for bonus content to the "finalized wishlist" (before it was locked out to prevent just anyone from editing) that those Power Rangers message boards later submitted and they did make it onto the the final product. I imagine had I not mentioned those bonus features someone else would have for inclusion eventually, but it does make me feel like I did help make the DVD set what it is in some respect when I was the one to put them on the submitted wishlist. Oh, in case anyone reading this is wondering out of curiosity, my set was #85 out of 2000.
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    I have thought I have become "old" more lately, as my desire to collect toys has waned quite a bit. Books, music, video: sure. But action figures and playsets are just not in my wheelhouse anymore.
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    Not much for me to look forward to when it comes to Star Wars collecting in 2014. Even some stuff that I would normally be super excited by (the 6" Biker Scout with Speeder Bike and Darth Vader) just feels so "been there, bought that." The change in scale is not enough to overcome the feeling that I've already purchased these toys in multiple scales already (3.75" and 12"). I'm not going to rule out buying them, but it's going to greatly depend on how they look in person.

    Some of the new characters from Rebels seem promising and I'm looking forward to the show. I'm expecting something along the same lines as the Droids and Ewoks cartoons, so my expectations aren't super high. Not sure if I'll buy any of the figures yet, though.

    I do feel that I'm kind of moving away from toy collecting a bit. I've been really enjoying collecting the All-New X-Men comic book over the last 2 years and I think that has a lot to do with my diminished interest in Star Wars. It's the first comic book series that I have truly enjoyed since 1991. As a result, I'm finding myself buying more O5 (internet shorthand for the Original 5 X-Men, currently known as the All-New X-Men) related merchandise than anything else right now.

    In fact, I've spent over $450 on X-Men related merchandise in just the last 5 months. That's counting statues, toys, posters, variant comic book covers, etc. That's not even including the cost of collecting the comics themselves. To put that in perspective, I've spent only about $64 on new Star Wars merchandise in 2013 and 2014 combined. So, it seems pretty clear that Star Wars is being replaced by something that I believe I actually like even more.

    As for other stuff, I'm interested in a lot of the Funko/Super7 ReAction toys, so I might pick up a few of those this year. Also, collecting music is something that has always been around for me. It's just cheaper, easier and much more convenient now that I've switched to digital music. Right now I'm mostly interested in digging up some of the 1970s and 80s electronic music that I haven't discovered yet.

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    Batman is an example of a genre I really like but do not collect.

    However, it might be pretty limited to the hero and various super-villains like Joker and Bayne.

    Even after I'd clamor for an "Alfred" and "Lucius Fox" action figure set, maybe Gotham Police and Prisoner army builder figures, there's not so much to make.

    Star Wars is a whole universe.

    I understand that Darth Vader always needs to be available. "He's Batman" to the SW line - with a core set of (an even larger amount of about 25-40 cast member stereotypes).

    But the universe is so vast and varied that Padme's other outfits and Cliegg Lars, as well as Expanded Universe LEADS like Zayne Carrick can be fit in.

    The Black Series did not need so many troop-builders with little variation to them up front. All kinds of white armor up the wazzoo.

    Biggs Darklighter is great, but timing him with an X-wing toy (maybe he was?) would be smarter.

    Padme - I already made the case about.

    In any case, I could be crying about nothing. We're getting Doaylln and Torryn Far. Some figures I've wanted for a long time.

    I'm just impatient waiting for them and Darth Plageuis has not been easy to find.
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    Star Wars - this line is killing my interest so hard. Hasbro is on life support, year after year they promise improvements and year after year it gets worse. Sideshow has priced me out. I'm very particular about other brands, Koto seems to be the closest for me but they simply don't do that many items per year so it's very niche.

    Transformers - this was my other big line, and Hasbro has choked it nearly to death. The new product mostly looks bad, the last year has been painful to collect with such distribution problems and the creeping cheapness, and now IDW has essentially ruined the comic books that were going so well.

    Star Trek - this was already in a downward spiral but the new movies seem to have cemented failure here as well.

    Batman and DC - life support for collectibles, New52 has ruined the comics, and worse, DC is canceling my favorite Batman title, Batman '66.

    I want to be excited, but the high prices of collectibles coupled with the relative sloppiness leads me to feel quite ripped off most of the time, and not engaged. The collecting communities are crumbling. Rebels doesn't look that great yet. And as for Ep 7, I have no faith at all that this will be good.
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