I am buying the least amount of product for almost any time, coming out of 2013 where I bought nearly nothing.

I still track down older toys I want duplicates of or something on eBay / Amazon now.

General Grievous from SSC and the Amazon Hasbro Slave-One are several recent highlights for me.

I've barely had interest in The Black Series. I want more never-made-before-characters and new vehicles.

I don't plan to buy Rebels but I'll purchase their vehicles.

I also collect Transformers and there's been a product here or there that I find interesting. Voyager 3-changer Springer stands out with Blitzwing as satisfying purchases. The new movie product has a lot of misses for a (somewhat) respectable amount of hits. I'll wait and see how it goes in person. The boxy Prime is a no-go this time around. How could they do that to Optimus?

On the Terminator front, I got one Kyle Reese figure from NECA (spelling?) I wish there was more product coming. In 1/6 scale as well.

For Star Trek, I got Spock with the Horta last year. I like the figure diorama line (well, have the regular versions of Kirk and Khan so I didn't buy that set). I'm not interested in television TNG really, so I have to wait and see if they make other dioramas I'm interested in. I think there is finally going to be a Defiant ship in the size I want. And I'm considering those highly articulated (and muscled) Kirk and Spock 2009-2013 figures (of Chris and Zach) though they're "SSC expensive" but by this Japanese company. I really would like to see the line include some aliens though.