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    Announcement: JEDI DREW (one with the Force)

    It is with great sadness that I inform you that JEDI DREW became one with the Force this evening at approximately 6:00pm EST. I was with him, his sister, mother, and friends, Cheryl and Jim when he transitioned. It's been a long time since he traversed these pages, but he was once quite an active member of the forums. This is the place where I made his acquaintance and for that I am forever grateful.

    For those of you who remember him, please remember him with fondness. He will be missed.

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    I am very sorry to hear it, I remember him fondly and the thread's title sent a shiver up my spine. Please send our condolences to his loved ones if the opportunity comes.
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    I wasn't even aware he was ill. The Ohio collecting threads definitely won't be the same without him.
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    Thanks for contributing to the thread, guys. I was a little dismayed that no one posted a thing on a similar post I had put up in the dedicated Ohio section at Rebelscum, where he was more active in recent years.

    Drew was having some issues the last few years and it seemed like he was getting to a much better place in his life when he took this turn. I am happy that I could be amongst the few who were there when he left the planet as I know he was surrounded by people who loved him. His mother has bravely been forging ahead with the funeral plans and I think that's kept her in motion. I think the impact of his death will hit her on the day of the funeral or shortly thereafter. His sister is feeling the loss and has designated me to be her surrogate brother, a role I am quite glad to step into for her.

    I have been asked to be a pallbearer at the funeral, which is on Monday and will definitely be present at the calling hours on Sunday. I will pass your messages onto his mother and sister and I am certain they will be happy to know that the community cares.

    On a side note, when I'd gone to visit him in hospital on Sunday afternoon, I'd stopped at the TRU where we did our last midnight madness before the Clone Wars was released. I picked up a Movie Heroes Obi-Wan figure for him to keep watch by his bedside. He was awake briefly and his mother told him I was visiting and that I had brought him a Star Wars toy. He had a very slight rise in energy when she asked if he'd like to see it. He opened his one eye and she held it near him. He looked at it and said, "awww... cool" before slipping back into his morphine stupor. I was really happy that he had that moment. On Tuesday, after he was moved to hospice, I went to visit him and played him the first five minutes of audio from "A New Hope" and I could see that he recognised what he was hearing despite being drugged up. I wanted to make sure he got to at least hear a little bit of what started his passion for the films and collecting-- and maybe it helped steer his dreams to something away from the pain.

    Thank you both...
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    Add my condolences, JP. Really sad to hear that.
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    That is terribly sad news. That's the third person I have known from these boards that has passed. Each one contributing to the world in their own way. I'm glad you were able to be there with him and his family during this time JP.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your friend JP, I can't say I remember him off hand but it is still sad to hear we lost a formulite and you lost a friend. Bringing him an Obi and playing ANH was quite a beautiful thing you did for him.

    My condolences,


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    Very powerful. I'm at a loss for words on this, except thanks for bringing him that touch of the Force, and I mean that in a real way, making sure what brought him to us was there in his last moments and beyond.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I definitely remember the name, but don't recall if I had any interaction with him. Looking at his profile, it appears he hasn't been here since 2009. Always sad to see someone pass on, though. My condolences.


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