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    Chrome series '14

    Read in the latest Insider that Topps is releasing a Chrome series in mid-May. The last chrome series was released in the late 90s.

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    Star Wars Chrome Perspectives, a 100-card set of half Rebels/half Empire with 6 cards per pack and the usual chase subsets, shows different May release dates, but not WHERE they'd be released. Hope this isn't another specialty shop-only set.
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    If I get a chance to see the latest Insider again, I will look for more info.

    I hope it's widely distributed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47151 View Post
    I hope it's widely distributed.
    Have you seen any in non-online locations? Me; nope.
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    No. I got an email from Rich's Cards within the last two weeks about ordering a set.

    RC also has the basic set of the Illustrated cards for $3.

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    I've asked at a couple hobby/comic shops around and NONE are carrying them (in fact, virtually no cards at all that aren't CCG series). Internet then, I guess.

    I miss opening packs that I bought and picked out myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I miss opening packs that I bought and picked out myself.
    I remember when the AOTC cards came out, groping packs of cards to find the pack with the folded panoramic card inside. Good times.

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    My technique is to hopefully find an undisturbed box, take about four packs in a row near the bottom. Odds are I won't get too many duplicates and the chances for different chase cards (or at least SOME chase cards) improve.
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    Got a pretty good online deal (100-card base set, two 10-card chase sets,... and a wrapper! ). They look good; will read 'em soon.
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    I've read about half the set, and from simply a text standpoint, these cardbacks may be the best in SW trading card history (aside from any trivia ones, of course). Love the contrast in tones and perspectives between the Empire and Alliance; I may even use some of them in my English classes.
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