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    Hasbro to buy out Dreamworks Animation?

    Not sure what to think, and this came out of the blue. I'll hope for the best. As long as A) they don't touch what IDW's doing, and B) Disney doesn't get its figurative panties in a bunch and pull the licenses for their properties (particularly Star Wars), I guess it should be cool.

    Maybe we'll get a G.I. Joe cartoon out of it.
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    Just read this. It would be interesting to see if it happens. I'd prefer the original rumor of Disney taking over Hasbro, then we'd get decent GI Joe and Transformers film/animated entertainment.

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    Turns out when you're 30% owned by Dreamworks' rival and just days out of signing more of your assets away to that rival in exchange for a huge license get, that ownership don't want you talking business with them. Whoda thunk?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Guess the last business class I took in college is now outdated; that made perfect sense to me. Now, where's my bank withdrawal slip for that New Swing Cassette Tape of the Month Club subscription...
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