Chewie was my first favorite SW character because I loved furry house pet friends (cats and dogs) since I was a child.

I thought he was awesome since the first time I ever saw him.

I once hurt my grandma's feelings because she spent months knitting me an afghan bed cover for my room and I got mad when I opened the box she packaged it in and threw it down because I wanted the 14" Chewbacca figure.

I have always been ashamed of my behavior on that day and it hurts me to remember it because I quickly learned to love that afghan and still have several things my grandma knitted me.

I was a very small child then though. So I don't think she really ever let it bother her that much and I did get my 14" Chewbacca within that month, but I still think I hurt her and wish I hadn't. But I mean I was less than 10 years old, too.

Still, I've behaved better towards my grandmother since. (She died a few years ago and probably had forgotten the incident some thirty years before that.)

But the way we learn to behave and treat people better as lessons we gain by growing up.

Anyway, back to Chewbacca, I don't want him in E7.

Why? New Jedi Order and what came after it has been fantastically conceived and worked on hard by all sorts of creative people including John Ostrander, James Luceno, the late Aaron Allston and more.

Peter Meyhew (love the guy) can star in the in-between movies Young Han Solo and Young Boba Fett and (Thinner) Jabba the Hutt movies.

Though I'd love to see Harrison Ford play Han against a Wookiee - what if Meyhew even portrayed Lowbacca?

Did you know that Brandon Meyhew (fictional character on Breaking Bad - aka Badger) was named as a homage to Chewbacca?

The actor has a different name from Brandon Meyhew (and it's not Chewbacca).