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    I received the Clone and Anakin from HTS.

    Such wasted potential on the clone! Articulation on the shoulder and hip joints are severely limited by the mold design. On the shoulders, the pauldrons are a separate piece attached to the shoulder joints unlike how this is usually done with 3.75" figures.

    On the hips the front part covers up the joints but by doing so severely limits the ways you can pose the legs.
    Sorry to hear you don't like the Clone. But I didn't know they were on HTS, and that's the only one I'm missing, so I just ordered it. Thanks for the tip!
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    I take back a bit of my criticisms of the clone.

    The hip joints still aren't too my liking but with the shoulder joints, it's possible I got a bad one. On one side, the socket is large enough that you can move the joints in. The other side can't really do that though.

    The sculpt isn't bad, I must say.

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