This io9 article:
says that Disney is having difficulty figuring out how to do a Boba Fett movie and is trying to regroup to come up with an approach.

My question immediately became: how should they do a Boba Fett movie?

While the commenters over on io9 said to just go with Yojimbo/A Fistful of Dollars, the first thing that sprung to mind was Friday the 13th, with Fett as Jason Voorhees. Now, obviously that couldn't be the whole movie and instead of sexy teens getting killed at Crystal Lake it'd have to be bounty victims from across the galaxy - whether evil gangsters or Rebel spies or political enemies. But disintegrations? YEAH BOY!

That also isn't quite enough though, you do want to have some level of character development in it, so I'm thinking flashbacks to his earlier days getting started - perhaps during an injury where he's got to recover. Showing developing new weapons, building his network of colleagues, and explaining the braids (I'm thinking the brown ones are tracking escaped wookiee slaves, the blonde ones are surviving Jedi, a little switcheroo so you think it's just one thing and then it's another).

I remember one of the best things about Batman Begins was when the titular character goes after Detective Flass and then stealthily stalks the criminals at the dockside battle before getting the mob boss trapped in his limo. I think that'd make a keen framework for the final act, focus on the target so big no other bounty hunter has dared tried to get him and then Boba Fett dismantles every security measure through various tricks of the trade, gets beat up by the big bad, and finally brings in his prey to collect. Maybe a little epilogue tag showing how all the profits on that mission got eaten up by the mission itself, but no big deal to Boba Fett.

There shouldn't be much in the way of dialogue from Fett, although I would like to see characters discussing his legend as it builds in the flashbacks.

So that's my takes, what's yours?