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    Disney having trouble with Boba Fett movie, how should they do it?

    This io9 article:
    says that Disney is having difficulty figuring out how to do a Boba Fett movie and is trying to regroup to come up with an approach.

    My question immediately became: how should they do a Boba Fett movie?

    While the commenters over on io9 said to just go with Yojimbo/A Fistful of Dollars, the first thing that sprung to mind was Friday the 13th, with Fett as Jason Voorhees. Now, obviously that couldn't be the whole movie and instead of sexy teens getting killed at Crystal Lake it'd have to be bounty victims from across the galaxy - whether evil gangsters or Rebel spies or political enemies. But disintegrations? YEAH BOY!

    That also isn't quite enough though, you do want to have some level of character development in it, so I'm thinking flashbacks to his earlier days getting started - perhaps during an injury where he's got to recover. Showing developing new weapons, building his network of colleagues, and explaining the braids (I'm thinking the brown ones are tracking escaped wookiee slaves, the blonde ones are surviving Jedi, a little switcheroo so you think it's just one thing and then it's another).

    I remember one of the best things about Batman Begins was when the titular character goes after Detective Flass and then stealthily stalks the criminals at the dockside battle before getting the mob boss trapped in his limo. I think that'd make a keen framework for the final act, focus on the target so big no other bounty hunter has dared tried to get him and then Boba Fett dismantles every security measure through various tricks of the trade, gets beat up by the big bad, and finally brings in his prey to collect. Maybe a little epilogue tag showing how all the profits on that mission got eaten up by the mission itself, but no big deal to Boba Fett.

    There shouldn't be much in the way of dialogue from Fett, although I would like to see characters discussing his legend as it builds in the flashbacks.

    So that's my takes, what's yours?
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    I like your ideas and maybe Disney is overthinking it. Not every movie needs to gross $1 billion at the box office, so they can focus on a simpler kind of story for Boba Fett.

    One thing for sure is that I think Boba Fett's helmet should stay on for at least 95% of the movie. So, no casting any actors who are going to require a certain amount of "face time" in front of the camera. If they cast Temuera Morrison, then he should keep the helmet on for the entire film. Otherwise it's just going to feel like a Jango Fett movie. Of course, this would be a great time to toss that little bit of "canon" out the window.

    Also, no love interests. Boba Fett's life should be all about business, at least the portions of it that we see onscreen.

    Basically, they just need to spend the movie restoring the "coolness factor" that Boba Fett lost in 1983.

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    How about they just say, "Well, he's dead." And then leave it at that and make a movie about someone who's still cool?

    But seriously, if they're doing solo movies, why not a Mace Windu film while Samuel L can still pull it off?
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    The Dollars trilogy idea makes the most immediate sense seeing as how Boba was originally based on Clint's character. Those films keep the lead in the moral gray ground, which is probably best for Boba rather than making him a complete hero or villain.

    Showing his early days could work, even incorporating Daniel Logan – though they'd have to pitch his voice down. The Clone Wars had more planned for him, presumably including him piecing together his armor and getting the Slave I back from Hondo Ohnaka, so maybe the movie could pick up on those dropped ideas if they choose to do an "origin story." There's also the story from Star Wars 1313 that isn't likely to see the light of day, so they could bring some of that back too, whatever it was. They don't need to flesh out his "human side" too much, since that's not the appeal of the character, but that makes for a tricky leading man. I feel like TCW covered his emotional journey from scared boy to budding bounty hunter quite well so I'd rather they don't retread the coming-of-age stuff too much but they could definitely show him struggling on his way to becoming the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Maybe there's a big bounty that puts him in the good graces of Jabba – we could see him being "fearless and inventive" – or Darth Vader, and makes him a well-known figure in the underground.

    They should definitely bring back Highsinger as that droid was too damn cool to only be seen in one TCW episode, and more Bossk would be more than welcome. Jaime King could even play Aurra Sing.

    If they're looking to mine older "Legends" EU stuff for ideas, they could do worse than Twin Engines of Destruction. Unless they want to resurrect him like the EU did, they'd have to move the story to before ROTJ, but the idea of an impostor Fett and seeing the helmet as his true (metaphorical) face are interesting ideas to explore.

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    But seriously, if they're doing solo movies, why not a Mace Windu film while Samuel L can still pull it off?
    I want a Mace film, an Obi-Wan on Tatooine film with Ewan McGregor, and a Liam Neeson-style action movie featuring Qui-Gon Jinn – even if people had issues with the PT, those guys are still huge and I feel those could all do quite well.
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    During the reign of the Empire, Boba Fett has discovered the bounty on JarJar Binks is too good to pass up on!

    32 BBY, Darth Sidious put a secret bounty on JarJar for messing up his plans to divide and conquer Naboo and become Chancellor Palpatine in a different deal with the Trade Federation.

    22 BBY, Senator Amidala unwittingly doubled that bounty when she found out that JarJar motioned to commission Emergency Powers to Palpatine and let him usurp the Clone Army.

    Now (before ANH) Boba Fett has grown up and Jango had taught him to wait until the bounty was really ripe.

    Darth Vader has submitted to Grand Moff Tarkin that they need to test the new Death Star's superlaser and they require a target.

    Tarkin unwittingly triples the bounty on JarJar so that he can blast him out an airlock and blow him up with the Death Star's superlaser.

    Boba Fett blasts off into action.

    First, he carbon-freezes a chubba on a stick and then JarJar's tongue gets frozen to that.

    Next, the chubba-on-a-stick is attached to Boba's speederbike and he drives it all around the streets of the underworld on Coruscant, banging JarJar into everything as he trails behind the bike.

    Then he mounts JarJar by the tongue in Slave-One and heads off to his secret rendezvous at Tapwara where they're building the Death Star.

    How's this so far?
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