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    Exclamation "Star Wars Night" baseball Jersey auction July 19th

    Our local minor league baseball team, the Bradenton Marauders (Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate) is have a charity jersey auction on July 19th - Star Wars Night. They are wearing Boba Fett themed jerseys that fans can bid on and win "off the back" of the players.

    Bradenton Marauders fan page ->
    FACEBOOK -> LetsGoMarauders
    TWITTER -> @LetsGoMarauders

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    Nice looking jersey there XMas! What level are the Marauders?

    EDIT: I looked at their schedule and I see they are a High A team.

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    XMas, did you see any of the current Pittsburgh Pirates play there (like McCutchen, Alvarez, Polanco, Cole, etc.) over the years?

    Minor league giveaways and events are often better than MLB ones, IMHO.
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