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    Arrow Rebels Collectibles Seen Out in Stores

    This thread should likely end up in a separate section once SW: Rebels merchandise hits more of the market.

    I saw a giant X-Wing toy, something called SW: Command (which are little plastic figurines for a game of some kind, I think), several character masks for kids, an Inquisitor lightsaber, and an open space for a Deluxe 6" toy for $19.99.

    Anyone interested, or do you need to see some of the cartoon episodes first?
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    SW Command is not from a game, it's Hasbro's take on Little Green Army Men play.

    I'm interested in the lightsaber but likely won't bother. I want the Phantom shuttle vehicle, and C1-1OP (Chopper), maybe Kanan and Zeb right now, but that's about it.
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    I'll be buying some Rebels figures. However, looking over my Clone Wars collection and seeing so many figures I'd be okay without, I'll be more selective with Rebels. Then again I don't see that line being as comprehensive and vast as CW.

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    There were a couple Lego sets that looked interesting. I also forgot to mention that the packaging has a Disney "signed" logo on the top left corner. Another life change...
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