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    Openers! R3-T7 question . . .

    I just picked up this figure at Walmart. Wow!!! Am I impressed. The detail inside the head is amazing. (Wires!!!) And the yellow/green details shows up much better in person than in photographs. The blue electrical stuff is actually kinda' interesting.

    BUT --- my third leg doesn't retract quite as well as all my other Astro droids. It sticks out just a little more. But it's a little too much.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Please let me know?

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    Your third leg doesn't........ sorry to hear about that *snicker snicker*

    I've not got my R3 droids yet but I have read hereabouts that this is a problem on the new astro droids because of the way they pack them in the blister. Also because of the poor quality materials they make the figures from. Mr' softee rubber from acme factories......

    I'm hoping to get my R3 droids anytime soon so I'll be back then.....

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    Same thing here.It's not much but enough to be noticeable.
    Would be better if it would retract flush.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Actually, it's just like the leg is a little too long. It has nothing to do with careless packaging . . .

    What do you think of the Electical accessory, Jargo? You probably think it's lame. I dunno. Actually, it's grown on me. I just slid it onto R2 and it really does indeed look like the poor little guy was just ZAPPED by a pesky Jawa. Yeah, I'd have loved this as a kid. And since you just slip it on, there are no holes marring the figure. So, I say, why not? It's certainly neater than, say . . . another oversized mouse droid.

    Also the paint deco on mine is pretty dang good. Not at all sloppy. The scuff marks aren't overdone. And the interior head detail is beyond sweet! At long last we get to know what a "motivator" looks like. There's even groovy little wires . . .

    What a Preview Figure! A great way to appeal to us old school Original Trilogy collectors. And a clever way to tie the films together. Long Live R3-T7!

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    I actually don't mind the R3 blue electro stuff because as you say it can be used on R2-D2 for a re-enactment of the jawa zapping. I just think shoving the stuff on all the figures weapons is lame. I can think o beter accessories to stick with figures than that.

    Anyway, if it's his leg that's too long it's probably something to do with different molds being used. It's common for figures to be cast from almost identical molds but fractionally different in size or position. Several molds will be made for the figure and if one is warped slightly or the casting isn't correct it'll lead to bulging or those extra little bits of plastic you get round seams. These extra bits are supposed to be trimmed off but with the speed these figures seem to have been rushed through it's possible that some haven't been finished properly or that the molds were rushed and weren't finished properly.

    that's the only thing I can think of right now until i actually have one in my hand and can examine it. Darned conscientious store owners keeping to the March 16th ruling!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!

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    I can't believe no one has said this before, all R2 and R3 unit's legs have been the same since the R2 with holographic Liea, then there was the red one that came with the Naboo Star Ship then there was R2-Q5 and now there's little R3-T7.
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    I have to wonder if the leg issue is some how related to the new "head" sculpt.
    Just a thought it's the only thing that's different from all the other astromech droids.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    On the astromechs I've purchased from R2 Holo Leia on that have retractable middle legs (R2-D2 holo leia, Red R2-R9, and R2-Q5), NONE of them have middle legs that retract flush, which disappoints me to no end.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    On the astromechs I've purchased from R2 Holo Leia on that have retractable middle legs (R2-D2 holo leia, Red R2-R9, and R2-Q5), NONE of them have middle legs that retract flush, which disappoints me to no end.

    They don't compete well in any of the wind-tunnel tests I've run either.

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    My R3 has a problem with his middle leg too. He's a great figure. I actually don't mind the middle leg thing too much. The electro whatever fits very well on other droid figures.
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